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Wednesday night dinner with friends

Well I had the chance to go out for dinner with my friends. I was looking forward to going out so I started getting ready early so I wouldn’t be out to late. Well as always things didn’t go right as there was a car wreck on the freeway and I still didn’t get to Fox & Hound till almost 7.

Chris, Roxy and Cristine were there already. Chris and Roxy were playing on his Laptop with a flight simulator. Well we talked for a while at the bar before we moved to a table to have dinner. Julie was also caught in traffic so we waited for her before we ordered dinner.

Julie finally arrived and it was good to see her. We heard about a party she went to over the weekend and it sounds like she had a wonderful time. Well we all ordered dinner and had a nice time visiting while we waited for our food. Michelle also showed up which was nice as it has been a while since she has been out. Kitty also showed up she had gone to Fred Meyer as they had a special today on boots, half off and she got a really cute pair.

We all walked over to CC’s at 9 and even though I should have gone home I went over for a little while. Dee and Rachel were already there playing pool. Now with all the decorations they have up for Halloween and the fact they are expecting a big crowd this weekend they had most of the tables put away so they could fit more people in so we had to share one table with about 8 chairs around it.

Chris and Julie played a game of pool and Julie almost won had she not scratched the 8 ball. Now the other fun thin was a lot of girls came in tonight in costumes. I only saw one guy in a costume but there must have been at least 12 girls and they had on some really cute costumes. One was a French maid and one had on this really cute pink dress and pink wig.

Well I stayed till about 9:45 which was way later than I planed but just hard when I am out with my friends to leave, plus we were all talking about the Halloween party this weekend which we are all looking forward to.

Thanks for reading.


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