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Chance to get out on a Tuesday

Well I got home early today and I decided to go out. Now I decided to surprise a couple friends who go out every other Tuesday to South Pacific so I got all dressed and was out the door by 4 pm and on my way, I didn’t tell them I was coming as I wanted it to be a surprise and it was. Turns out they went someplace else today so the surprise was on me.

I got there about 4:15 and went in and didn’t see them so I got a table. I waited a little bit and then figured I was already here I might as well have something to eat so I ordered a cooked Caesar salad with grilled chicken. I have never had a cooked salad but it was actually really good. It was about 5:15 when I left and headed to my favorite Starbuck’s.

I have some work to catch up on and some e-mails to do and what better way to do them than relaxing as Susan at Starbuck’s. I got there and there were a few other people here and a couple in line so I had to stand in line to order. Well as I said the new place is a lot bigger so more tables to sit at so I had no trouble finding a place to sit and work. I spent a couple hours here and got a lot done. It is funny though as the number of people how came in and got drinks to go as they have a drive through.

Well Must be getting home now.

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