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Friday and a chance to go out with my friends


Well it is Friday and I have had a fun week already but I am really looking forward to tonight as I can wear one of my new dresses. This is a not so good picture of me but it is a really cute dress. I have discovered that tight dresses get really short when you sit, my tip for the day. Well I was ready to get in the shower at 5 so I could get out early but got a phone call from a family member and ended up talking for about 30 minutes so now I was going to have to rush just to make it by 7.

Well I was out the door and on my way by 6:45. I got to Sweethome just a little after 7 and the parking lot was full and so was the street. I actually had to park about 12 car lengths up the street which is the farthest I have ever had to park here plus being a tree lined residential street there is really no street lights so it was pretty dark which I guess as it is close to Halloween is fitting but it also made me more aware of my surrounding which is something we should always do anyway.

Well Chris was there playing pool as usual as he always gets here by 6. Jan and Lynn were also here and this is early for them but I was happy as it is good to see them. Lynn is the one I had take my picture. I sat with them for a bit and we talked which is always nice. Well their diner came so I moved over and sat next to Chris and ordered my dinner.

Chris had won his game of pool and was playing another one, seems to be his night for pool. Cassandra showed up which was nice as she has been working a lot lately, it has been several Fridays since she has been out. It was nice to talk to her and we got to hear about her and her wife’s recent trip to Reno, even saw a picture of them of course she was in male mode as Cassandra had to stay home. We also talked about the upcoming Halloween party we are all looking forward to. Cassandra and Peggy open their home and put on the best Halloween party. Peggy spends the whole month of October and many hours decorating their home so it looks just perfect and it always does. We also talked about Diva Las Vegas next year as we are all looking forward to it.

Roxy and Cristine both showed up so we had a pretty good turnout tonight. Craig from the other group came over and showed us his hair cut I am assuming for Halloween. He shaved the top part of his head and just left the hair around the side. Can’t remember who he said he was supposed to look like but it kind of reminds me of the lollipop kids in the Wizard of Oz without the curls on top. It was a really interesting look to say the least.

It was actually pretty busy here tonight, they had a good crowd which always makes it more fun. Well Karaoke started and of course Chris and Lynn both sang from our group and did great as did all the people.

Diane also showed up and she looked a little different than she did when I saw her yesterday while I was shopping at Sears. It is still funny that I ran into Rose and her in her male mode while out shopping. Much better then running into someone who only knows my male side. It was just a fun night out with friends and it really wasn’t what we did but the fact we were together that makes it such a fun night

Well girls left and by 11:30 it was just Diane and me left from our group. We sat and talked for a while and got to know each other better which is always nice and of course we listened to some more Karaoke. It was just a fun night. It was after midnight when we called it a night. What a great way to start the weekend.

Thanks for reading.


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