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Wednesday evening out.

Well Wednesday night I had the chance to go out for dinner with my friends. Now the weather today has been really nasty cool and raining hard all day but I was still going out. The drive downtown was slow because of the weather but I got there right at 7 and as luck would be it had pretty much quit raining just a light mist so I timed it perfectly. I didn’t even need my umbrella for the block walk to Fox & Hound.

Chris and Roxy were the only ones from our group here so far so I joined them at the bar. It was good to see them and we talked for a little bit mostly about where we wanted to have dinner. We decided on Hobo’s which was fine with me as I have not been there in several years. We waited for about 15 minutes to see if anyone else would show up but no one did so it was just the 3 of us.

We left and walked around the corner to Hobo’s and our luck was still with us, no rain. Hobo’s was pretty much empty so we had our choice of tables so we picked one towards the front in case any other girls showed up they would see us as I had posted to the group where we were eating. Well no one else showed up so I was just the 3 of us. It is funny as I felt a little like the third wheel tonight as Chris and Roxy are a couple. We did have a nice meal and good conversation.

It was a little before 9 when we left and walked back over to CC Slaughters and again the rain had stopped for our walk. CC’s was also really slow maybe 5 other people there. We went back to the pool table and there were 2 guys playing pool. We sat down at a table next to theirs where a young lady was sitting, it was her boyfriend and his friend playing pool. Well we started talking and they were all really nice. Her name was Taylor and her boyfriend was Tanner and of course his friend Peter, yes I remembered all 3. Well Chris played pool with them but lost but he had a good time.

Darla showed up as she was in town. Seems she comes to Portland every 3 months for business and it is always on a Wednesday which works out as she can come out with the group. I actually met her 3 months ago but she was in male mode that night. It was nice to meet her female side. Well Chris and Roxy left so Darla and I sat and talked.

Well Joan showed up which was nice as she is always so much fun, she is always so happy and positive and that is wonderful. I introduced her to Darla and the 3 of us sat and talked for a while. A few more people had come in now and the group we were sitting buy had a few more friends show up so they went into the Rainbow room where it is a little less loud so they could talk.

Jamie also showed up, I just looked around and there she was. She was with two other people and they looked familiar but I just couldn’t place them till Jamie asked me if I recognized Marla who was in male node. Now as soon as she said her name I did and of course the other lady was her girlfriend. Of course as soon as I started talking with Marla I knew her voice. I introduced them all to Darla and we all talked for a while. It was great to see them all again as it has been a while.

Darla put some money on the pool table to play and we ended up playing doubles, Darla and me against a man and woman who had been playing for a while as they were really good. Well I did make a couple good shots but in the end we both missed our 8 ball shots which allowed them to win. They were leaving so they let us have the table so Darla and Jamie played a game of pool which Jamie won.

It was a fun night and I stayed out till 12:30 which was way later then I planned. I should have gotten a picture with Darla but didn’t think of it. I did take one selfie at Hobo’s which didn’t turn out really well but I will share, just make it smaller.

It was a fun night but now I am looking forward to tomorrow as I get to spend the day as Susan. More shopping and then going to meet Stefia for dinner. Should be a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading.


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