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Thursday another day of being out as Susan

Well I had all day Thursday free and I was going shopping again and my plan was to be up by 7:30 and out the door by 9 but just as it was Tuesday that didn’t happen. After being out so late last night I didn’t roll out of bed till a little after 9 so by the time I was ready it was 10:45, just a little later than I planned.

Now I chose to wear my new black skirt I bought Tuesday as it is very cute and I can actually pull it up higher if I want it shorter or wear it low so it is just above my knees which is how it is today and I also decided to wear my boots with the heels. Now I was on my way and my first stop was Lloyd Center. Now as I parked I kind of had second thoughts about the skirt and boots but it was too late now. I parked by Nordstrom’s and in I went. As I walked in the door walking towards me was another lady in a black Skirt, grey top and boots with heels so I wasn’t the only lady dressed this way. Actually as I went through the mall I saw several woman in skirts with heeled boots so I guess this is how woman go shopping.

Well my first stop was the MAC counter as I needed more foundation plus shopping the cosmetic counter is always fun. A young man working there asked me if he could help me so I told him the foundation I needed, Studio Fix NW30. We chatted for a bit while he rung me up. They are still planning on closing this store after the first of the year which is sad as I have been coming here for a few years now and it is just so convenient but there are other Nordstrom’s around so I will be fine.

With my first and most important purchase taken care of it was out into the mall. Now I needed a birthday card and a gift for a family member and what better way to shop then as Susan, I did this last Christmas also. I have to wonder what they would think if they knew I bought their gifts as Susan. Well I went to Hallmark and got a birthday card and then n down the mall.

I stopped at Marshalls at the other end of the mall and looked around but didn’t see anything I liked so I went next door to Sears to look around as I usually find some cute things here on their markdown racks. As I was looking and not paying attention to who was around me as I have gotten pretty comfortable out I heard a voice say is that Susan. Now there was a brief panic as I looked up and I don’t know why it’s not like it was my male name. Any way there was Rose and Diane, Diane in male mode. Turns out they were going to the movies across the street ad had bought their tickets but had to wait so they walked across to Sear. Well it was a nice surprise to see them and we talked for a few minutes before they had to leave. Well I looked around a little more but didn’t find anything I wanted so I left and back out into the mall.

I stopped at a store that sells DVD’s I think it was called Suncoast Movie and looked around. I bought a 2nd season TV series as a gift and then I was on my way back through the mall. I stopped at Ross Dress for less but there selection of dresses in my size was almost nothing, I guess there have been some other bigger size girls shopping here lately. I stopped at the food court long enough to get a drink as I was thirsty, seems they keep the heat up in this mall. I walked back through the mall to Nordstrom’s and out to my car and onto the next destination.

I went to Cascade Station by the airport, my first stop was the Ross Dress for less here. Now it was really raining here with some thunder and lightning thrown in so I got out my pink umbrella and off I went. Now I have always found something cute and in my size here and today was no exception. I found 2 cute dresses so I tried them on and they fit, just a little tight but really cute so I was happy. I drove across the parking lot and went to the Starbucks here for a warm drink and of course took a break and wrote my blog for last night.

It was after 3 when I left here and went to Kohl’s on 102nd street to look around. A few months ago when I was at Kohl’s and I actually saw this at 3 of them they had this really cute wallet that had a pocket for a cell phone and was no bigger than the old wallet I have now but it also had a wrist strap so you could use it as a small purse also and it was like $15. I almost bought it but didn’t and I wish I had as I looked here plus a few other Kohl’s since then and haven’t see it again. They had some cute things but nothing I wanted in my size.

I left there and made my way to Clackamas Town Center as that is where I am meeting Stefia at 6:30. Now I also wanted to go into JC Pennies as they have a really good dress selection. They had some really cute ones and they were on sale. There was this form fitting red dress that was really cute but they only went up to size 14 and I knew there was no way I would fit into it. Well I walked around and wound up in the Intimate apparel. Now they had a sale on waist nippers and included a buy one get one half off so I thought that might help as I haven’t seemed to lose any weight. I asked the lady working here how you tell what size you need. She just smiled and said the best way is to try them on and see which fits best. Well that was good enough for me. I took 2 sizes and into the fitting room to try them. Now I have gone into woman’s dressing rooms before but going into the one in the intimate apparel section this was a first. I found one that fit and actually gave me a little bit of curves so I was happy. I bought a black one and a beige one.

Now I drove around front and found they had a Starbuck’s just inside the mall so I figured I would get a drink and wait for Stefia. So I spent some time doing my blog and answering e-mails. Stefia showed up and now we are off for Dinner.

Thanks for reading.


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