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A day as Susan

Well I had the whole day free today and I thought what better way to spend it than as Susan and of course that means going someplace as I didn’t want to just sit at home. So of course what could I do that would take most of the day, shopping of course. Well my plan was to be up by 7:30 and on the road by 9 well we all know that didn’t happen. It was almost 8 when I rolled out of bed and by the time I was ready it was 9:40 as Susan does take longer to get ready especially in the morning.

Well I decided my first stop would be Kohl’s just off Hwy 217. I like Kohl’s and there prices are not bad. I got there just a little after 10 and went in. I started looking at their dresses which they didn’t have many and of course all their clothes. I even checked out their purses, interment apparel, makeup and jewelry. I didn’t see anything I really liked so I left.

My next stop was Burlington coat which is also just off Hwy 217. I looked at shoes first as I have gotten a couple pairs here that I liked. They had 2 pairs I really liked but they were both narrow and just wouldn’t fit so I went to the clothes section. They had a few dresses but all just 1 or 2 sizes too small for me. I did find a really cute black skirt that looked like it would fit so I went and tried it on and it did so I just had to buy it plus it was only $12 so I really couldn’t go wrong.

As I was leaving the parking lot I noticed just up the street was a Ross Dress for Less so I went there next. I looked around till I found their dresses, they tend to have one of the better dresses selections around. Well I found 2 really cute dresses that were my size so off to the dressing room to try them on. Both fit me well and this time I really looked. The last time I bought a couple dresses here I only looked at how they fit in my shoulders as that is always where I have issues. Well it turns out when I wore them they are well really short especially when I sit. These are better as they come down to mid-thigh. So up to the check out to buy the dresses, well they only had one cashier so I had to stand in line which really doesn’t bother me anymore. So far it has been a good day.

I left here and it was almost 12:30 and I was a little hungry but all I really wanted was a snack so I found a Starbucks out by streets of Tanasbourne as that is where I am I going shopping nest. Now I have been to this Starbuck’s once before but it has been a couple years. I got a Danish and a hot chocolate and of course I have my computer so I took care of some e-mails and then spent a little while surfing the net. Well I also had to get a picture so I tried a couple selfie’s in the car. Still not good at it but this was the best one. Well time to get back to shopping as I have a couple more stores I want to hit before I head home.

Well I drove to a shopping center just off Hwy 26 at 185th as there are several store there including a Target, Ross and DSW shoes. I thought about going into Target but decided to go right for Ross Dress for Less. I actually parked between Ross 7 DSW as I plan on going to both.

I went into Ross and they were pretty busy but I made my way back to the racks of dresses. They had a really good selection and I found 2 really cute one, a maroon lace one and a red and black and both the right size, same as the ones I bought earlier but I still went to the dressing room to try them on and it was a good thing. Even though they were the same size they were way too small. One I couldn’t even begin to get on. Wow how can a woman’s dress size very so much. One reason I don’t buy stuff online. I was disappointed as they were really cute and it was not that I could fit in them if I lost some weight it was all in my shoulders.

Well I left and walked next door to DSW. Now this is really a good shoe store and they have a huge selection and the prices are fair. One of the sales man asked if he could help me find anything and I told him I was just looking so he said let him know if I needed anything which was nice. As I was looking I found this really cute pair of open toe 4″ spiked heels, they were awesome. Now they had a size 11 and a size 10 so I was thinking I had it made. Well the 10’s were just too tight and the 11 to lose and as they had no straps they just slipped on I was out of luck. Of course I did try both twice to make sure.

Well it was almost 4 now so I decided to head towards home as I was going to be in rush hour traffic now. Traffic really wasn’t that bad and I was where I wanted to be by 4:15 and I was hungry so I stopped at a Panda Express. I like them as they are a little healthier than a burger plus I can eat it with a fork as not to mess up my lipstick. There were only a few people inside eating, most were going through the drive through so I didn’t have to wait to be helped. I got my food and sat down and had a nice dinner. As I was leaving a nice man held the door open for me, I am sure he knew I was a t-girl but he still treated me like a lady which was nice.

Now I had one last stop, Starbuck’s I have to go past my favorite Starbuck’s which Julie texted me closed and they moved across the street so I figured why not stop and check it out. Well it did move about 3 weeks ago and it is really nice and twice as big and has a drive through so now instead of just 2 people working here they had 5. They did a really nice job the only thing that is not great is most of their tables have stools with no backs. They do have like 3 tables with chairs and on the far wall a few more tables with a bench along the wall and chairs on the other side. The bench is nice but too deep as you cannot lean back and still reach the table. They are a lot busier though.

Okay one other selfie that wasn’t too bad. Well it was a fun day but as always it hast to come to an end. I spent maybe an hour at Starbuck’s before heading home. What a fun day.

Thanks for reading.


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