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Friday is here and time for some fun

Well it has been a busy week and I have been working late every day so I was really looking forward to Friday and the end of the week. It was almost 6 when I got home so I knew it would be a rush to get ready tonight. It was straight into a shower and then onto my makeup. I did rush a little but took my time on my eyes as that is important. I was ready and out the door by 7.

I got there a little before 7:30 and found a parking spot right in front. Chris and Cristine were already here which I knew they would be as I was late. Chris had his computer out as he gets here early, usually be 5 or 5:30 as he comes right from work. Yes he doesn’t have to go home and change.

It was kind of quiet but as the other group was celebrating all their October birthdays tonight I figured they would have a good turnout but it would be later. Jodi was here tonight, she Bartends on Saturday and is awesome, she usually leaves about the time we are getting here but tonight she stayed the whole night which was nice. I got to talk with her for a bit. She played several games of pool and won most of them, she even beet Chris once.

A couple came over and talked with us, I can’t remember their name for sure but I think it was Rachel and Bill, but they were really nice, she told me how beautiful I was which always makes my night. They spent most of their night playing video poker which was just over the half wall from our table. Every time they would go to the bar to get a drink they would stop and talk with us. Roxy also showed up so we had 4 of us from our group tonight.

Shyrl from the other group came over and talked with us for a while. She hasn’t been able to make it here for a few weeks so she was really glad to be here tonight. She was telling us about the birthdays in their group and all the activities they have going on, sounds like they have a few more weeks before their whole group will be back here on a regular basis. They really are nice and such a fun group.

Another girl from there group came over and talked with us, I think her name was Angela. She also told me how great I looked and loved my eyes which made me feel good. I have really been working on getting the Smokey eye makeup look right. I think I am getting better but still not totally satisfied with it but this makes me feel like I am almost there. We talked about makeup for a bit and how I did the eye makeup, I still think it is funny to be sitting in a bar and talking makeup but I enjoy it. She also told me what great cheekbones I have, and I will admit I am blessed with nice cheekbones, probably one best feminine feature. I gave her some tips on contouring to help bring out ones cheekbones.

Laura Mims also showed up, she is actually the lead singer in a local group here on Portland, Laura Mims and tin whiskers. She loves to sing and is really good. She stopped and gave us all a hug and talked with us for a while. She is really nice so I was glad she made it out as it has been a while. She asked what we were singing and Chris told her his songs, he was going to do some Pink Floyd songs tonight, I told her I was too afraid to go up there by myself and the only way I sing is with someone else. She told me we should sing together and I said I would so she went up and put our names on the list.

Well Karaoke started and of course Chris was one of the first to sing and did great. There really are some good singers here. Laura went up and sang a song and was wonderful and of course the other group had several people that sang and all did great and even the few that were not well the best they still got up and sang and had fun. Well it was getting late and Roxy and Cristine left so it was just Chris and I left from our group and Chris was going to leave after his next song. I was also thinking I would leave.

Well Laura and my name were called to sing and I was a little nervous. Now I have sang a few times with others here but the song Laura picked out was a duet which means she sings one par and I sing the other. The song was “Summer Nights” from the movie Grease. Luckily I love the movie and I know the song which helped. Now Laura sang much better than I did but I think I did okay.

Well when we were done I thanked her and told her I actually had fun. She said she would come up with another song we could sing next time she was here. I am actually looking forward to it as it was fun. Who knows maybe someday I will sing by myself.

Chris sang his song and then it was time to leave. I went up and paid my bill and then said goodnight to my friends here and left. It really was a fun night and a great way to start a weekend. I am looking forward to next week as I plan on getting out several days and doing some shopping. I still haven’t figured out a Halloween costume yet and that is only a couple weeks away.

Thanks for reading.


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