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Wednesday night dinner with my friends.

Well it is Wednesday night and I have the chance to go out as I don’t have to get up as early tomorrow and I was looking forward to it, I haven’t been out on Wednesday night since August. I got downtown before 7, parked and walked the block to Fox & Hound. Chris, Roxy, Cristine and Julie were there. It was great to see Julie again as it has been a while. She gets out mostly on Wednesday while I get out mostly on Friday.

We chatted for a bit before we decided to walk over to House of Louie for dinner. I actually like going out and walking around even if it’s only a couple blocks. We got to House of Louie and it was empty so we had our choice of tables and of course. Of course just a few minutes after we got there two other small groups came in so we were not the only ones there.

We had a nice dinner and good conversation and I got a chance to talk with Julie. We talked a lot about Diva Las Vegas next year. The hotel we have stayed at has or is changing their name again the end of the month. It will now be called the LINQ so in the last 3 years it has gone from the Imperial Palace, to the Quad and now the LINQ as they are just finishing a complete remodel. We are all excited about it as we have had so much fun the last few years.

Well about 8:40 we left and walked over to CC Slaughters, Dee and Rachel were there they were talking to a couple that was there also, there names were Sherry and Richard and they were really nice, Sherry was taking more pictures then us which so of course I had to get some pictures with her. This is our group with someone in a costume and we still don’t know who she is. But from left to right is Kitty in guy mode, Cristine in front of her, girl in costume, Sherry, Julie, Me and Rachel

Another girl showed up named Helen, seems she has come out several times on Wednesday nights so the other girls knew her. We introduced our selves and talked for a bit, she seems really nice and had on this really cute black and white dress. Diane also showed up, she has not been out for a while as she was in a car wreck but it was good to see her out again and to talk with her.

Julie and I played a game of pool and I won using my great strategy, I let her sink all her balls so there was nothing in my way to sink mine at least this is what Julie thought and I was happy with that as it sounds better then I just couldn’t sink a ball. Even with that I won because she missed her 8 ball shot and left me an easy shot but a win is a win. After that I played doubles with 3 guys. My partner was Curtis and he was really nice and he actually made some good shot so we won in the end so I had a pretty good night playing pool.

Now I had to get one picture with Sherry as she really was fun. I actually has her stand up on a step so I wasn’t so much taller than her. Most of our group had left by now but we were still having fun. Bo one of the Drag Queens that is the host here came over and played pool also and talked with us. She is really nice and always fun to talk with.

Well it was time for Sherry and Richard to leave so I asked if I could post our picture on Facebook and my blog and she said sure but she wouldn’t see it as she didn’t know my Facebook name so I gave her one of my business cards I made up with all my info on so she could find me. They were really a nice couple to hang out with.

Well it was about 11 pm when I called it a night. Julie and I both left together and walked to the corner before we went our separate ways. I had about a block to walk by myself but I was fine of course I pay attention to who is around which I would do even in boy mode. It was a really fun night, I will have to try to get out more on Wednesday nights.

Thanks for reading.


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