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A smaller group out on Friday.

Well it has been another long week for my male self, things keep coming up that interfere with my Susan time so I was really looking forward to tonight and getting all dressed up. It is funny how something as simple as doing my makeup and getting ready can be so much fun and enjoyable, I know lots of woman that think otherwise and maybe if I had been doing makeup since I was a teenager and doing it every day maybe and that is a big maybe I would feel different, but when you only get to do it part of the time and it is something you are looking forward to it becomes special. Any way I started getting ready a little before 5 so I could take my time and enjoy myself plus maybe I could get out a little early which of course didn’t happen.

I was already about 6:45, the only issue was the neighbor boy was outside shooting baskets in the street. Well a few years ago this would have terrified me and I would have sat in the house till it was dark and he went inside or at least taken my wig off and put a coat on over my dress and did the best to not let him see my face but tonight I just got in the car and drove off. Now I will say as he saw me pull out he walked to the curb so part of the time he was facing away from me so he may not have gotten a good look but the important thing was I was out and on my way.

I got there just a little after 7 and it looked really busy, the parking lot was full and I had to park about a half block upon the street, it has been a long time since I have had to park that far away. I got inside and they really weren’t that busy for all the cars outside. Anyway Samantha and Chris were both there, Samantha had e-mailed me as she was in town for the day and wanted to know if we would be out tonight. Which we are every Friday but still I good to check, if I was driving 2 hours to go out I would also want to make sure where and if the group would be out.

It was good to see Samantha again and she will be back in a couple more weeks also as she has to come back to Portland to get her fishing reel she is having some work done on. Yes she brought it up a couple weeks ago and dropped it off as Samantha so she will pick it up that way also. Funny how the more we go out the more confident we get and the more natural we feel. It was nice to get to talk with her though.

It wasn’t long and Lilly showed up, I knew she was coming tonight as she messaged me on Facebook as she was getting ready, we were both doing are nails at the same time. She has a farther drive though. It was nice she could make it out again, she is our group’s newest member. Her wife is supportive of her dressing which makes it easier for her to get out, her wife has actually came out with her a couple times also.

Cristine also showed up a little later than normal, she got caught in traffic tonight so we had a smaller group than normal even Roxy was able to come out for a while after she got off work so there were 6 of us but still fun. Chris played a few games of pool and won most. The bar was a little slower tonight as the other group that comes for Karaoke had another event going on out of town so only a few of them made it.

We talked for a while and had a great time, even talked about Halloween and our Halloween party which is fast approaching. I need to really start thinking of a costume for this year. I am trying to figure out if I should just buy on or try to create one on my own, but either way I am running out of time. I guess in a way it was easier a few years back when being Susan was my costume but as Susan has become such a normal part of my life now I need a female costume and yes I prefer the cute ones.

Well one of the ladies we met last week was here again tonight and came over and talked with us, and of course we couldn’t remember her name nor could she remember ours so we reintroduced ourselves, her name is Peggy so hopefully I will remember it.

Well about 9:45 they set up the Karaoke and a few of the other group showed up so we had several people who sang including Chris who did a good job as always. One of the girls in the bar got Mark the Karaoke host to sing Achy breaky heart and he did a great job and most of the bar was singing with him.

It was a fun night and as always it had to come to an end, by 11:30 it was just Chris and I so Chris played one more game of pool and then we paid our bills and called it a night. It was a little after midnight when I got home, what a great way to start a weekend.

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