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The weekend is here and time for Susan to have some fun.

Well it is Friday and time for a fun weekend. Now I love Fridays as I get to go out as Susan and have some fun with my friends. Now I knew there wouldn’t be many from our group out tonight as some are out of town and as we have a full day tomorrow golfing I figured some would stay home tonight but that was not going to stop me. I was all ready by 6:30qnd on my way and tonight I did take my computer with me. There was more traffic tonight then normal so I got to Sweet Home right at 7.

Cristine was already here and she also had her computer, it was actually a little busier than normal for this early which is fun. Cristine and I talked for a little bit as be both figured there was a good chance it would be just the 2 of us tonight. Well we both ordered dinner and then broke out our computers. Paul the owner asked if I was golfing in our tournament tomorrow and I said I was so he came back with 2 $25 gift certificates to Sweet Home he wanted to donate as prizes, how awesome is that.

Heather from the Karaoke group was there and came over and talked with me for a while, it is great to see her out as she is so much fun. It was about 8 when Veronica showed up so there were 3 of us. She is in town to play golf tomorrow with us so it is always nice to see her. The 3 of us talked briefly about next year’s Diva Las Vegas as they have set the tentative dates for 2015. If nothing changes it will start on Sunday March 22 so it is a little earlier next year.

About 9 it got really busy as about 25 or 30 people all came in together, they all looked like college kids in their early 20’s and about half and half male to female. well the bar got really busy now and you could hardly get up to it for a drink and poor Paul was working his butt off but it was great to see so many people here and the girls were all really cute and some had on some really cute outfits although Cristine said some of the guys were hot too but I was more focused on the girls.

Well Karaoke started and some of the college kids sang and they were not that good but they had the whole group singing with them and it was one big party for them. Well about 10 just as fast as they had come in they left, they were going downtown Portland. It turns out they were on a bar crawl but it was fun while they were there.

Jessica from the Karaoke group showed up so I had to go talk with her and wish her a happy birthday as today was her birthday. We talked for a little bit, she had on these awesome heels that must have been 5″ high. I talked to a couple other girls from the Karaoke group, it is great because even when we have a small turnout from our group we still have interaction with the other people at the bar so it is not like you are all alone.

Well a little before 11 Cristine and Veronica called it a night and I was not ready to leave yet so I broke out my computer again but really never got a chance to use it because about 2 minutes later Joan came in so we actually had 4 from our group tonight. Joan and I sat and talked for a while. In a way it is nice to have this one on one time as you get to learn more about the other person and really talk. Well about 11:30 Joan left and I was again by myself. I thought about leaving but Jessica and Andrea from the other group had signed up to sing and I wanted to stay and hear them especially Andrea as she doesn’t sing that often which is a shame as she has a really nice voice.

I stayed about 20 minutes more long enough to hear them sing before I made my way to the bar to pay my bill. It was a fun night even though not many of our group was out, hopefully next Friday we will have more as it really is more fun when we have more girls out. Besides that is what this is all about, getting the girls to come out.

On the way out Paul and the girl that does the cooking were outside and both wished me a good night. I thanked Paul for the gift certificates for our golf tournament tomorrow. Saturday will be a busy day as our tee time for 18 is at 2 pm so I need to be at the golf course by 1 to practice so I will need to leave my house by noon or very shortly after. After we play 18 we will have a BBQ and then as it gets dark we will play 9 holes of glow ball so I am guessing we won’t leave the golf course till 11 pm so it will be a long day for Susan tomorrow out in the sun but it will also be so much fun. I will have to get my pictures early on though.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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