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A Susan day out shopping and having fun

Well I had to work this past weekend and so I had Monday off and I figured what better way to spend it than as Susan plus I needed to do a little shopping as I am almost out of my foundation and it is way more fun to buy this as Susan then as my male self. I got up at 8 am and started getting ready and by shortly after 9 I was ready and on my way. I started off at Lloyd Center and was there a little before 10, I parked by Nordstrom’s but several rows out as it looked like others had the same idea I did. It is funny as I didn’t even think about it I just parked and got out of my car and walked towards the door. Now for all the cars outside they were not at all busy so I went right to the cosmetic section and to the MAC counter and there was no one there so I was helped right away.

A young man working the counter asked if I needed help and I told him I needed more foundation but was thinking maybe a shade darker as with summer my skin is a little tan and the foundation I have been using seemed a bit light so he brought his brushes out and we tried a darker shad on my jaw line and found one that looks right, just a little darker. He asked me about the shade of my lipstick and I told him it was just a drugstore brand L’Oreal eternal rose and I waited for him to try to sell me a lipstick but instead he told me it was a great color on me which I agreed. I actually like this color for the day time as it has a nice color but is not overpowering.

Well now it was time to venture out into the mall, something I would not have done a few years back. My first stop was one of the costume jewelry stores. I need to find some new bracelets and maybe a necklace. I think these type of store cater to younger girls as all they had were way too small for me. My next stop was Ross Dress for less to look at dresses. I fund 3 really cute one so off to the dressing room to try them on. 2 of them fit as they are a little stretchy the other was just too tight. So up to the check stand with the 2 that fit.

It was back into the mall and down to ULTA a store that sells nothing but makeup and hair care as I also deeded some eyeliner. So I spent a little while looking at all the different makeup before selecting one and purchasing it. Now it was down to Sears to look at more clothes and shoe, Sears is the opposite end of the mall from Nordstrom’s. I fund a few cute things but not in my size so it was back out into the mall. Just had a relaxing time out window shopping and looking around. I even went into Hallmark and got a birthday card for my mom. It was almost noon and I had been here 2 hours and you know the whole time I was walking around I never really thought about how I was dressed, it was just me out shopping. I walked back to Nordstrom’s and out to my car and decided to go to Clackamas Town Center as I wanted to get a gift card for JC Pennies for my mom.

Now Clackamas is the biggest mall in the area so it would be the most crowded also but I didn’t care. I got there about 12:15 and had to park way out in the parking lot as I parked by Pennies. By now it was almost 85 out so when I got out of my air conditioned car I knew it. By the time I got to the store I was warm and glad to be inside. I looked around inside and then went out into the mall and again it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be but then it is a Monday.

I stopped at Victoria’s Secret and looked at all their pretty stuff. Not really stuff I could use as the size selection is not that great for the bigger girl but still fun to look around, it is funny as a man I would feel out of place in here but Susan feels right at home. A couple girls asked if I needed any help and to let them know if I did but I told them I was just browsing.

I checked out a few more stores including a couple of the costume jewelry stores but the same issue not big enough. I went into Sears and looked at their clothes and even checked out H&M but didn’t find anything I liked in my size. I spent a couple hours here also just looking and having fun before I left. On the way out of Pennies I got my gift card.

Outside it was warm and when I got to my car it was downright hot inside so I cranked the air conditioner right away before my makeup melted off. I left here and got caught in traffic a car wreck so it took me a little while and so I decided to stop at Cascade Station by the airport. They have a Ross Dress for less here also and my thought was to check them out and then get something to eat and then g to Starbuck’s. Now this is a strip shopping center so all the stores open to the outside. As I was driving around to get into the parking lot I saw a Marshal’s at the end so I decided to check them out so I parked there and went in. I have been to Marshal’s before but never had good luck finding things here I liked and today was no exception.

I left and decided to walk up to Ross, a bad decision as it was almost 90 out now and it was farther then I thought, about half way up the mall and all in the sun so by the time I got there I was really warm and could feel my makeup. It is amazing how easily you sweat when you have on a lot of makeup so I was glad to get inside. I went and looked at the dresses and I found this really cute dress so I went and tried it on. It is just a little tight but it is stretchy so I went ahead and got it. Maybe it will encourage me to lose some weight. Now I had the long walk back to my car which I knew would be really hot inside and I was right. I drove across the parking lot and went to Panda Express as I wanted something I could eat with a fork as to not mess up my lipstick, it is a girl thing. It was about 4:20 when I left here and drove to my favorite Starbuck’s. I haven’t been going here as much anymore as I have just been too busy but today I had the chance.

I got a drink and took care of some work on my computer and e-mails and then updated my blog with today’s adventures. It has been a really good day. Thanks for reading and hope your day was Just as good.


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  1. Hi Susan , sounds like you managed to add a few things to your wardrobe……. good day out! Thanks for sharing. Hugs TinaCortina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | August 5, 2014 | Reply

    • Yes I did get a few cute outfits, the best one I need to lose a little weight so it will look better as it is designed to fit tight.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | August 5, 2014 | Reply

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