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First Friday of August

Well it is Friday again and time to relax as Susan for a while with my friends. As always I really look forward to Fridays and letting Susan loose to be with her friends and it seems this summer has been busier than normal for my male self although looking back at my blogs it seems I may have been just as busy last year. The one thing I do know is my male self works hard so my female self can enjoy herself and have what she wants. It is funny as my male self is very analytical when deciding what to buy. Do I really need it and how bad, can I get by without it or is there something else that would work, if I do buy it will I use it enough to justify the cost where as my female self looks at it as wow that is really cute or I just need a new outfit to wear well maybe not that bad but you get the picture. Any way after a long week I was ready for a night out and I got home late so I knew I would be rushed.

Now I was doing my makeup and I am still trying to get that Smokey eye makeup look just right. I see girls with it all the time so I know it can’t be that hard to do but I still have trouble with it. I took a little more time tonight and it actually turned out really good, not perfect but probably one of my better attempts. The dark eye shadows look really awesome when done right but if not they can look really bad but I was satisfied tonight although I am thinking about going to Nordstrom’s and having one of the girls at the MAC counter show me how to do it, That would be very helpful and a lot of fun. Well it was 7 pm when I left home, luckily at this time of night it only takes me about 20 minutes to get to Sweethome so I really wasn’t that much later.

Cassandra and Chris were both there already which was nice as they both missed last Friday, and they both had their computers out. Now it was really slow here tonight and I knew it would be as the other group that comes here on Friday nights had something going on this weekend so they would not be here. Cassandra had gotten here early so she had already eaten and was now eating dessert, a lemon cheesecake which looked really good so I knew I would have a piece latter after I ate. I ordered dinner and the 3 of us talked while Cassandra was on chat on her computer. She really like the chat rooms and always does her web cam so as I was sitting next to her I was also on cam with her and got a few compliments.

Well a little before 8 Cristine, Petra and Michelle showed up so we had 6 of us there. Cassandra, I and a few of the other girls have been talking about things we can do as a group to get more girls out. We have never fully recovered and got the girls out since the P-Club issue. We are planning on doing a dinner once a month and maybe some more activities to encourage our members to get out more. We are still doing the Harvey’s Comedy club and we have I think 13 signed up to go which is pretty good, and we have our golf tournament in a couple weeks and we have 11 signed up for that and I think 9 of them have already paid so that will be a lot of fun.

Carolyn showed up tonight for a while, she is going to golf with us so she came in to pay Cassandra for it. we got a really good deal on this to 18 holes of golf with a cart, range balls, a BBQ and then 9 holes of glow ball (golf in the dark with glowing balls) for $65 tips included. We did this last year and had a blast. This will be Carolyn’s first time golfing as Carolyn, she will have so much fun. Rose, Cassie and Roxy also showed up so we had 10 of us here tonight one of our bigger turnouts in a while.

Well we played some pool and sat around talking and just having a fun night, as I have said before it is the people you are with and not where you go and what you do that makes the night a success. Well it got time for Karaoke to start and I knew it would be a slow night for that as the other group that comes here on Fridays love to sing. Mark the guy who hosts Karaoke started it off singing and of course Chris sand and did great, he actually sang several times. Even Cassandra and Rose got up once and sang and it is rare for Cassandra to sing but then other than our group there was maybe 10 other people here so it was a good night to sing if you don’t like singing to crowds. I almost got up and sang but just couldn’t. I tried to talk Michelle into singing with me but she wouldn’t do it, she is like me in that respect.

I felt bad for Mark it must be hard to host Karaoke and really have no one who wants to sing, I think 2 other people sang once but it was mainly Mark and Chris that sang. I did have my cheese cake and it was really good as always. Now it was a really hot day about 90 out and I don’t think the air conditioner was working or on as it got really warm inside tonight. I can only imagine what it would have been like if it had been crowded. Even when I left around midnight it was still 77 outside which is rare here as usually at night it cools off.

About 11 some of our group started to leave and soon it was down to just Cassandra, Chris and me so we talked a little more. Cassandra has a couple places she wants to go for our dinners already, the first will be McMenamins Kennedy School. We have gone here once before a couple years ago. It is an old School they bought and remodeled into a small hotel with a couple bars and restaurants. It is really cool and will be a lot of fun. The other place I can’t remember the name but it is by Clackamas Town Center. We are looking for places to go for dinner that is nice and not too expensive as we want as many girls as possible to be able to go out. We even talked about Applebee’s also which would be a good place. I think the more things we can do as a group going to different places will really help some of the girls get out more plus it helps us meet more people who maybe never saw a T-girl before and maybe they can get to know us a little and see we are no different than anyone else other than how we chose to dress and preset ourselves, kind of an outreach program.

Cassandra left and it was just Chris and I so I was getting ready to leave but Chris said he was going to sing one more song so I said I would wait till after he sang which I knew wouldn’t be long. It was almost midnight when paid my bill and left. It was a fun night as always. Saturday night is Harvey’s night and I am really looking forward to it as it really is a fun night. I wish more girls would come out to this.

Well thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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