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Last Friday of July and time for Susan to go out

Wow it is the last Friday of July, summer seems to be going by so fast but then again life on my male side has been really busy so I was looking forward to tonight and some relaxing time as Susan. Now I knew it would be a slow night for our group as a few of our regular Friday night group, Chris and Cassandra were not going to be able to make it. I got all ready and was out the door by 6:30 and of course I had my laptop with me.

I got to Sweethome a little before 7 and there were only a few people there now and I was the only one from our group which I kind of expected so I got out table and broke out my computer. Kelsey was at the bar so I went over and talked with her. I met her one of the first times we came here and I always like talking to her. She introduced me to her friend Steve and we all talked for a few minutes. Kelsey is actually the first person I sang Karaoke with here, as I have said before I am willing to sing with someone else just not by myself.

I went back to my table and turned on my computer and Paul the owner brought me a drink, Paul is really great as he remembers all our names and pretty much what we all like to drink. Well I sat at the table playing on my computer, you know e-mails, Facebook and so on.

It was probably about 7:45 when Cristine showed up, I kind of figured Cristine would be here as she also comes every week. We sat and talked for a bit of course I still had my computer out as there were things I needed to get done. Now tonight it seemed like the music was louder than normal which made it hard to have a conversation. With just us 2 we figured it would be an early night, so we both ordered dinner.

A few of the other group came in so it looked as though they would also have a slow night, I think people are just busier during the summer time. Cristine and I talked about the movie the other night we went to. Cassandra and I have been talking about adding some new things for our group to do in hopes of getting more girls out like the movie night. We are planning on having a dinner night out where we go to dinner at new and different places. We want to expand our places we go.

About 8:45 Cassie showed up, she only gets up here about once a month so it was good to see her out too. I finished up on my computer and put it away and Cassie, Cristine and I talked the best we could over the loud music. Cassie and I went to the bar to get another drink and started talking with Kelsey and Steve some more. Kelsey always sings Karaoke and she still remembers us singing together. Any way Cassie talked her into singing “hooked on a feeling” and told Kelsey that she and I would sing backup doing the uga chakas well you really need to know the song to understand so check out the link to the song.

Now a funny little story, this guy came over to our table and introduced himself as Jeff and of course Cassie and I introduced ourselves to him and he stood there and talked to us for a few minutes. Now he had been drinking as this is a bar. He was playing pool also. Well after a few minutes he went back to his pool game. About 10 minutes later this same guy Jeff came back over to our table and again introduced himself to us and talked for a little bit with us before going back to his pool game. Well after a little while more he came back over and introduced himself yet a 3rd time and asked if he could sit at one of the empty chairs at our table (next to me) and we said fine so he sat and talked with me for a few minutes before going back to his pool game. Well a little later Cassie and I were once again at the bar talking with Kelsey and Jeff was standing just a few feet away near the pool table. Anyways Kelsey told us how awesome we looked as we always dress so nice and our makeup is always pretty and what girl doesn’t like to hear that. Well Cassie made the comment that as crossdresser we always go a little above on trying to look our best and of course I followed this with when you only get to be a girl a day or 2 a week you want to do your best plus we need more makeup to hide things that she and other girls don’t. Well I saw Jeff’s head turn around and he looked at us and I think up to this point he thought we were GG’s. Now he did say hi to us a couple more times during the night as he passed by but he didn’t stop at our table to talk.

Well it was time for Karaoke and when it was Kelsey’s turn Cassie and I went up and we did the Uga Chaka’s for the song and a couple time I caught myself sing along with part of the song. I really did have a fun time so I am going to have to do this more often as long as I have someone else up there with me. Who knows maybe someday I will be able to sing by myself.

Kelsey and Steve joined us at our table and we all talked for a while and of course Kelsey and Steve both sang Karaoke again and did great. Also by Karaoke time the other group had pretty much all shown up so it was pretty busy in here. I talked with a couple of the girls from the other group, Jessica, Michelle and Blue. It is so nice that we are all accepted here for who we are.

Well about 11 Cristine left and shortly after that Kelsey and Steve left so it was just Cassie and me and we talked some more and listened to the Karaoke. It was a really fun night and it was a little after midnight when we both decided it was time to call it a night. What a great way to unwind and relax after a busy week.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.


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