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Friday and an end to a busy week

Well it has been a long and busy week for my male side so I was really looking forward to Friday night and some Susan time with my friends. Now I got home about 5:30 so it was going to be another rush to get ready. I really lie to be able to spend my time getting ready so I can enjoy the relaxing feeling get but I wanted to have as much time out with my friends so rush I did. I was ready by 6:30 and I thought looked pretty good for as fast as I did it.

I got to Sweethome just before 7 and went in, Chris was there on his computer and Danielle and a couple of her friends were at the bar. Now I have known Danielle and her wife Kelly for several years and they are both awesome but they are moving up to Seattle area the end of the month so they are having a little going away party tonight with their friends so I stopped and talked with Danielle. Turns out Kelly is on her way back from Seattle and got caught in traffic so she will be late to her own party, I am going to miss them both.

Well I joined Chris and got out my computer as I figured it would be slow tonight. The other group that comes here had another event this weekend so they won’t be here. Well Cristine showed up and so did Petra, Michelle and Robin, Robin is Michelle’s sister and she came out to meet the group. So I am sitting with Chris on one side and Robin on the other when my dinner comes. Well it turns out Robin is a huge NASCAR fan just like Chris and soon they were talking about NASCAR with me in between. I probably should have switched seats with one of them.

Roxy, Lauran, Veronica and Joan showed up next so we had a nice group for the night. It was nice to see them out again. Now Robin is a really good pool player and she controlled the pool table most of the night, I actually think she might be better than Cassandra but she wasn’t there tonight so they could play. Either way I think it would be a good game between the two of them. I got to talk with Robin and she is really nice, hopefully she will be able to come out with the group again. Veronica will be in town again to play golf in August. We are playing 18 holes during the day and then doing a BBQ and then glow ball golf once it gets dark, which will be so much fun.

I got to talk with Lauren for a little while, she is on break for the summer from school which is nice. She can do pretty much what she wants, boy I miss the days when I didn’t have to work and got the summers off, I guess I really need to buy a lottery ticket and win. I also talked with Joan for a while, it was great to see here out as she is always so much fun to talk with as she always has a joke or two. I think she is going to our groups first movie night next week so I should see her then.

Megan also showed up, we met her about a month ago and she is really nice, I have a picture of me with her in another blog. It was cool to see her again and she had on this really cute skirt and high heels, I should have gotten a picture with her as in her heels I really am not that much taller than her. She hung out with us for a while which was nice as we got to talk. She just got a new job and hast to work on Saturdays so she couldn’t stay out late but we still had a nice time.

Well Kelly finally made it around 8:30 or so and by this time there were maybe 10 of Danielle and Kelly’s friends there to celebrate with them before they leave for their new adventure. It was a fun time and I got to talk with several new people which is something I like to do. I think meeting new people is a fun way to spend a night.

It was finally time for Karaoke to start and as I said it was not really busy and a lot of the regulars that come for Karaoke were not here so those who did sing got to sing more often. I think tonight was kind of an Elton John night as there were probably 10 Elton John songs sang and 4 of them were in a row which was fine by me as I really like Elton John songs, I have probably 10 of his CD’s. For those who are young CD are what music came on before we could just download them.

It really was a fun and relaxing night as it was about the people I was with and not where we were or what we were doing. Well as it got later some of our girls left and the crowd thinned out so I got to talk with Danielle and Kelly for a while which was nice. It is funny now as I have several friends now up in the Seattle area, Amy, Sandy and now Danielle and Kelly so I guess I will have to try to make it up there some weekend if I can ever get the time off, back to winning the lottery I guess.

Soon it was down to just Chris and me from our group which is funny as we were the first to arrive tonight. There was a couple in the corner that was here celebrating a birthday. I think she said her name was Debbie and her husband was Carlos but it was late and I am blonde so I may be wrong. Anyway it was her 55 birthday and they were having a fun time. They played pool with our group, sang Karaoke and just had a lot of fun. Debbie came over several times and talked with us which was nice. I think they will probably come back again as they did have a really fun time here as we all do.

I was shocked when I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 1:30 wow how fast the night went by. I wonder why work never goes by this fast. Chris and I paid our bills and it was time to leave. What a great night out. My next night out will be our groups movie night. We are going to see “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. We will meet at the movie theater at 7 and see the 7:30 show so this will be a late night out for me during the week but it will be worth it.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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