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Wednesday night out with the girls for dinner

Well I had the chance to go out to dinner tonight with my friends. Now I got off work late so it was almost 5:30 before I got home so I had to rush to get Susan ready. It was straight into the shower and then getting ready and I did it in less than an hour. Well I did it and was in my car on my way by 6:20.

I got downtown Portland a little before 7 and had to park about a block away. Kim, Chris and Cassandra were already at Fox & Hound. Now we didn’t know how many girls would be out but I knew Stefia would be out as she was bringing a girl named Tina who is in town for a few days from Ohio so I was looking forward to seeing her and meeting Tina.

Roxy showed up so we moved from the bar to a table so we could order some dinner. The 5 of us sat and talked, we are trying to come up with some new ideas for our group to do to try and generate more interest in the members. We want to go to some new places and one of the plans is a dinner night out. We are planning on doing this on a Saturday night and going to different restaurants in hopes that we can start getting more girls out. We are also planning a movie night next week, we want to go see the new movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I am looking forward to this as I liked the first one.

Stefia and Tina showed up and joined us for dinner. It was nice to meet Tina and she seems really nice. We had a good time talking and getting to know a little about her. It is always nice to meet new people this way. It was amazing how fast time went and soon it was 9 pm and time to go over to CC Slaughters but before we left Fox & Hound we had to get some pictures. This is Stefia, Tine and me and I was wearing my 4″ heels so I really am not as tall as I appear in the picture. These were taken on Stefia’s camera, I was going to get mine out but both Stefia and Tina had theirs out so I just had them send them to me.

Well it was a little after 9 and Stefia, Tina, Chris and I walked next door to CC Slaughters as the rest of the girls went home. Now the one good thing about getting off late today is I also don’t have to go in as early in the morning so I could stay out a little later.

Rachel and Dee were there so we joined them and talked for a while and of course more pictures. Stefia has an app on her phone that lets her control her camera through Wi-Fi, she can actually see what her camera sees and take the picture so she can set her camera across the room and still take pictures how cool is that. Chris and Tina played pool and Stefia took some pictures, I was in this one when Chris was shooting and I just thought it was a cute picture so I had to ad it.

We had a good night and stayed out till about 10:30 before we called it a night. Tina had flown in today so she was pretty tired. It was a really fun night and I hope Tina will be able to come back to Portland again.

Thanks for reading.


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