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Update on P-Club

Well it is over!

I wanted to give an update on our P-Club issue. Now Cassandra got a call from our Attorney the other day, now we are still waiting on official word on this but what we have heard is this. After Chris Penner lost he planned on appealing to the Oregon Court of appeals. Now he had not done anything as far as appealing so in May the state seized his bank accounts which caused him to have to close the P-Club. Well it turns out he has asked for 3 extensions on filing his appeal so it has been almost a year now. Now what we are hearing is the other day his Attorney finally filed the paperwork with the appeals court but it was after the his last extension had run out and he had not asked for another extension or contacted the court saying he needed more time so the court ruled that because he had not done anything during all that time nor notified the court or asked for yet another extension that the case is closed. In other words if this holds true the case is all over and we won and there is nothing he can do, he can no longer appeal so the judgment stands. We may never see any money but the ruling is worth way more. We are a little disappointed that it ends without an appellate judge ruling but still a big victory.

Here is a little history of this event.

In June 2012 Chris Penner left two voice mails on Cassandra cell phone informing us he did not want us to come to his bar because people thought it was either a gay or transgender bar and that was not what he wanted.

In July 2012 we met with an Attorney and investigators from BOLI (Bureau of Labor and Industries) thinking we would be filing a suit against Chris Penner. The attorney Beth Allen wanted to take our case on and the People from BOLI informed us that the commissioner Brad Avakian wanted to file the complaint in his name and use us as witnesses so we agreed.

In October 2012 BOLI found that we were discriminated against in violation of law.

In May 2013 we had two days of hearing in front of a judge on this case.

In August 2013 we found out the judge ruled in our favor and we were once again interviewed.

In July 2014 informed Chris Penner failed to file an appeal on time after several extensions. He can no longer appeal and the judgment stands.


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  1. Hi Susan, Thanks very much for update……… and yay! You won!! I know a lot of these things are spread out over so long its hard to decide when to celebrate. but the main thing is, you were discriminated against, you stuck together as a group and defended your (our) rights and then you win. It took courage to give evidence. Chris Penner probably doesn’t know what hit him but his view belong in the past and the message will eventually go out of fashion. Tell me, did the judgements get much publicity? Is there anything you can do to get more? Good luck to you, you did it!! Hugs TinaCortina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | July 13, 2014 | Reply

  2. hi,, wish i could still be dressed but it  is not happening at this time


    Comment by robynavantar | July 14, 2014 | Reply

  3. Susan, you and your group are just awesome for having followed through with this. I just wanted to give you all applause for doing what is right!

    Good for you! I am so impressed!

    Comment by Nadine | July 19, 2014 | Reply

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