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A hot Friday night out with friends

Well the week is over and time to spend a fun night with friends. Now our weather has been in the mid and upper 80’s the last few days and today we broke 90 and we will have mid to upper 90’s for the next week or so. Now this may not seem hot to some but for this area we normally only have a few days a year that break 90 and Susan does not like to be hot as it masses up her makeup. Even so I was still going out, thank god for air conditioning.

I got all ready and opened the door to my garage and it was a blast of hot air so I was quick to get in the car and get the air conditioning on so the drive was not bad and I only had a short walk from my car into Sweethome which was nice as it was 91 outside. Chris and Cristine were inside already so I joined them but no Cassandra yet. Turns out she came out later than normal so she didn’t have to fight traffic. I guess it takes her twice as long if she comes earlier because of rush hour traffic and no one wants to sit in a car on a hot day. She arrived about 7:30.

Now I figured it would be a slow night for our group because of the heat and also we have a group BBQ tomorrow that Julie and Trixie are putting on for us, how awesome of them. We are all looking forward to it, I think we have about 24 going of course it is supposed to be in the mid 90’s tomorrow so I will have to wear something cute but light so I don’t get to warm. It will be so fun just a bunch of girls out playing games in the yard and the whole social aspect of it.

Petra showed up a little later which was nice. She is also going to the BBQ tomorrow but only after a Soccer game she is going to watch at 52nd street bar where the girls go for Monday night football. She is a huge Soccer fan and was disappointed when her team got knocked out of the World Cup. Roxy also showed up so we had 5 of us out tonight. It was fun to sit and talk and just have a great social night out with the girls.

The other main group that comes here also had a smaller number tonight so I guess it just wasn’t just our group the heat kept away. It was great to see them out though as we have become friends with them and I keep up with them on Face Book. They had maybe 15 in their group.

A couple of our group played pool and tonight was Chris night, he won almost every game he played. He was making some really good shots including banking the 8 ball off two rails and sinking it in the pocket he called to win, a really awesome shot.

Well it was time for Karaoke to start and of course Chris sang several songs and did great. Now the funny part with all the air conditioners going a couple times it tripped circuit breakers and when that happened we lost the music and one of the TV’s that have the words on but those who were singing didn’t give up they just kept on singing. The third time this happened they turned off about half the TV’s and this seemed to fix the issue but it seemed just a little darker inside tonight because of this it I amazing how much light you get from a TV.

Now by 10:30 it was down to just Chris, Cristne and me from our group but we were still having a good time as always. These Friday nights out our just so much fun and I look forward to them. It is really not about where we go or what we do it is about being with friends who accept me for who I am. It is about me being able to be me and not worry what others think and that is so awesome and I hope all my friends in the group and also who I have met here at Sweethome know how much they mean to me.

Now Cassandra also talked with Paul the owner and he may go golfing with us in August, we are signed up to golf at Wildwood again for their glow ball. Actually we are playing 18 holes during the day then a BBQ and then 9 holes of glow ball after it gets dark. So much fun and golf is so different when it is dark as you really can’t see things. They have glow sticks every 50 yards down the fairway and on the flag on the green and of course your golf ball glows but other than that you can’t see much else. It would be cool if he would come.

Well I made it till about 11:30 before I called it a night, I have to be up by 8 am as I have things I have to do before I get ready for the BBQ. It starts at 3 and goes to whenever so it will be so much fun. I hope to get some good pictures for my blog. It is funny as Cassandra and I were talking about pictures and we both have so many that we really don’t think about them unless we are doing something new or someplace different. I was kind of looking on my computer today and I bet I have over 2,000 pictures of Susan and maybe 2 of my male self. I wonder how many others t-girls are the same?

Well thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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