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Happy 4th of July

Well Happy 4th of July to everyone. This year July 4th fell on a Friday night so I had a decision to make. I had several options of things to do today but it was Friday night and Susan’s time to go out with my friends. Now I worked early today so in the afternoon I did some things with my male sides friends but I was sure I was home by 5 so Susan could get ready. It was a really nice warm day and I figured not many would be out tonight but still I wanted to go.

I wore my little black dress tonight which I don’t wear that often but it just seemed to be the right choice for July 4th. I got to Sweethome about 6:30 and Chris and Cristine were there and maybe 2 other people as I said it would be slow tonight. Chris was on his computer so I got mine out and we sat there and played on our computers for a while waiting for more people to show up.

Craig and Shyrl from the other group also showed up so it looked like their group would be small also. Chris, Cristine and I were having a good time just talking, watching sports on TV and of course still on our computers somewhat. Well Lauren and Jim showed up so now our table was a little crowded to have computers out so we put them away. I was amazed that it was already 8:30 the night was going by so fast.

Chris and I played a game of pool and it was a good one, we got off to a slow start but then we both played good and made some good shots but in the end I won with a really good 8 ball shot. Well by now Petra and Roxy were here so we had 7 of us crowded around a table that was probably meant for 4. It was a lot later now and I realized I had not had dinner yet so I ordered some food. Normally I eat between 7:30 and 8 but tonight t would be 9:30 as time got away from me. Petra and I played a game of pool while we waited for the food and again another really good game, we both played well but again I won so that was 2 in a row so I was feeling good.

Now a few more people did come into the bar for a little while but it was still really slow, I guess a lot of people were out celebrating the 4th and enjoying fireworks. By the time Karaoke started the other group had 5 people there but really there were only 3 people here tonight that would sing Karaoke which must be hard for Mark the guy who runs the Karaoke. Still even with so few people there Chris got up and sang and did great. Now tonight I actually thought about going up and singing as there were so few people there, I figured it would be a good chance to sing without the fear of embarrassment but in the end I chickened out.

It was a fun night but by 11 Petra, Jim and Lauren left and the rest of us were thinking about leaving but Robyn showed up, it has been a long while since she has been out so we hung around some more. It was nice to talk with her and find out what was new in her life. She is also going to Harvey’s with us so that is cool. We have 14 of us going to Harvey’s tomorrow and I am really looking forward to that as it is always a fun night out.

Chris and Cristine finally called it a night so Robyn and I sat and talked for a little while more. It was almost midnight when I just had to call it a night, I have been up for over 21 hours now and I was starting to feel tiered and with the extra police out tonight I didn’t want to take a chance so I paid my bill and left.

It was a really fun night and for being a holiday night we had a good turnout, 9 of us there. I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday and thanks for reading.


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