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Fun Saturday afternoon

Well I had the chance to go out Saturday afternoon, Sandy a friend of mine from up North was going to be in town for the afternoon and wanted to know if I was available. Well I made myself available as it would be fun to spend some time with Sandy. Now she only had a few hours in the afternoon and we talked about meeting downtown and walking around and maybe doing some shopping and then dinner.

Now I wasn’t sure when Sandy would be ready so I decided to get ready and go out to Starbucks as it has been a while since I have been there. I went to the one at Cascade Station by the airport as there are also stores there I could shop at. I parked and went in and ordered an ice tea as it was warm outside. They were busy so I had to wait in line for my drink.

Now as it was nice outside, sunny and warm and no wind I decided to sit outside on the side walk where I could watch people walk by. It was really nice out although the bright light did make my computer screen a little hard to see but it was worth it. I spent about an hour here catching up on e-mails and chatting with a friend on Facebook.

It was a little before 2 when Sandy called me and said she was ready and ready to leave Victoria’s which is where she went to dress. We decided to meet at Fox & Hound as it was about the middle between us and parking is good there. I got downtown Portland about 2:15 and as I didn’t know what we would be doing I wasn’t sure if I should park in a parking lot or street park. As I drove around I found some spots one block North of where I normally park and they had 5 hour street parking there so that is where I parked and walked the 2 blocks to Fox & Hound.

Sandy arrive right after I did, it was great to see her again. We sat down to have a drink first before we left and started talking. We talked about so many things, I learned more about her and her family. We even talked about, Sandy even asked me where I saw myself in a few years. I have thought about this before and Cassandra and I have even talked about it, will there come a time when I just don’t think I can dress anymore. Who knows but for now it is something I love to do and I need to do, I will worry about the future later.

Well before we knew it, it was 5 and we had been sitting here talking for 3 hours. I guess time kind of got away from us. We talked about places close we could go eat and in the end we decided to stay here and eat. We ordered dinner and kept on talking. It was a really nice time and I got to know Sandy a lot better. We even talked about her apartment her and a few other girls had. They had rented an apartment to share where they could keep their girl stuff. They could go here to change to go out or just hang out at as girls. It only cost them between $100 and $250 a month over a few years depending on how many girls were sharing the apartment but a couple months they got down to so few that it was no longer cost effective. This was such a great idea they had, too bad it had to end.

It is funny as I thought about some of the things I have done over the years to be Susan. For a while I had roommates and I would put my stuff in my car and drive to a near bye park and go to the far end upper parking lot and dress and do my makeup in the car which is not easy. I also use to get Acrylic nails over weekends. I would rent a motel room for a few nights so I could get my nails done.

It was such a fun afternoon with Sandy, She is an awesome friend. I wish she lived down here so she could go out more with our group. Well before we knew it, it was almost 7 and she still had a 2 hour drive home. Yes she was going to drive home and stop at a rest area just a few miles from where she lives and change back to her male self which I have also done before.

Well it was finally time for the day to come to an end, turns out we both parked on the same street about a block apart so we kept talking as we walked to our cars. It really was a great day and I was sad to see it come to an end. I am looking forward to her next visit. On the way home it hit me I never thought to get a picture of us together which I had planned to do, I guess just a blonde moment.

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