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Quiet Friday night with friends

Well it has been another long week so I was looking forward to a fun night out. Now I was all ready by a little after 6 so I grabbed my laptop and off I went figuring I would get to Sweethome a little early, plus I figured Chris would be there too.

I got there and I was right Chris was there with his laptop also so the two of us talked while we played on our computers. It was actually really quiet here tonight, it was just Chris and I from our group till almost 8:30. Cristine, Roxy Carolyn, and Cassie showed up so we had a small group which in a way was nice as we could all sit at one table and talk while we ate dinner. I actually like these type of nights as they are relaxing.

Now as it got later it did get a little busier but not much. Even the Karaoke group was small tonight. Heather was there from their group finishing decorating, turns out today was her fiancé David’s birthday and they were having a party for him. They are both really great, we met them shortly after we started coming here and always enjoy when they are out. Actually we have made many friends with the other groups here and none of them care how we are dressed. I think it would be a wonderful world if everyone just saw you as a person and nothing else.

Well the Karaoke started and as it was slow tonight for the first round only 2 people sang, one was Chris and they both did a great job. It was about 11 when a few more people showed up and more started singing Karaoke. Now everyone sang Happy Birthday to David it was a lot of fun.

Now it was time for the cake, Heather had made two cakes and included our group in the celebration which was so nice. The cake was awesome by the way. It was a fun night and I was again the last of our small group to leave.

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