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Wednesday night dinner with friends.

Well it is Wednesday night and I was going out to have dinner with my friends. Now I don’t get out much on Wednesday’s but tonight was special, one of my online friends Karen was in town and she wanted to go out, I have only met her once before 2 years ago so it was a good reason to go out.

I got all dressed and was downtown by 6:30 and found a parking spot and walked to Fox & Hound, Cassandra, Chris, Julie and Cristine were all there. We were meeting here tonight but walking a couple blocks to House of Louie for Chinese food tonight. We talked for a little while and then got ready to leave for House of Louie. As we were leaving Karen test me, she was just parking around the corner so I walked over to meet her while the rest walked on to House of Louie. She actually parked 2 cars behind me.

It was great to see Karen again. We talked as we walked the 2 blocks to catch up with the others. We got there and talked for a while, we were waiting for Kim and Peggy to get there as they were also going to join us for dinner. Peggy and Cassandra are going on vacation so it will be several weeks till they get out again so it was nice to spend time with them. We had a great dinner and I enjoyed catching up with Karen but it went by way to fast.

It was getting late and Kim had to leave so I walked her to her car as it gave us a chance to talk alone which was nice, it was great she was able to come out to dinner. As I got back to the House of Louie Peggy was leaving, she had parked on the next block over so I also walked her to her car, and she is really excited about her vacation so we talked about that on the way. Now I had worn my 4″ heels the same ones I wore last Saturday when we walked to Harvey’s and I was feeling all this walking by now so I was glad to get back and sit down for a while.

It was about 9:15 when the rest of us left and walked back to CC Slaughters. Dee and Rachel and also Darla and Maya were there. It was great to see Maya and Darla out again, they use to get out with the group all the time but work has kept them busy and made it hard for them to get out. Now I really hadn’t planned on staying out much past 9 but I was having a good time and enjoying talking with Karen and Julie and before I knew it, it was after 10. It was time to call it a night. Karen was also ready to leave so as we parked almost next to each other we both left and walked together. We talked a little more, it was great to spend time with her again. She is thinking of moving to Portland next spring which would be great as she could join our group and get out more.

It was a great night out and will be worth being tired tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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