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Tuesday night dinner with a friend

Well it is Tuesday afternoon and I have a chance to go out to dinner tonight, Amy is in town for a couple nights and I finally have a Tuesday night free so it was a great chance to go out and do something different. Amy and her friend were going to meet at South Pacific which is a restaurant where the old Tiger Lilies use to be at 4 and hey invited me to join them. Now I don’t normally get out this early during the week as it is hard to get home early enough and get Susan ready but today it worked out and I was home by 3 so I decided to go. A quick shower and close shave and I was onto doing my makeup and was all ready by 3 and out the door. Now it is a little different leaving home so early in some ways it is easier as the neighbor kids are not home yet and a lot of my neighbors are still at work.

I got to the restaurant about 4:20 and they were not busy at all of course it is still early. I joined then and Amy introduced me to Jeannie. Jeannie was awesome and treated us like any other lady which is always nice. We just sat there and talked and of course had a snack. They had got these umbo shrimp wrapped in bacon and they were incredible. It only seems like I was there for maybe a half hour or so but soon it was after 6. Jeannie got the waitress to take a couple pictures of us. This is the three of us together. Looks like Susan has made a new friend which is always nice.

Amy was going to Beaverton to the Golden Crown Restaurant for Chinese food as that is where the motel she stays at when she comes to town is. Now it was a bit of a drive but I was already out as Susan and didn’t want to go home yet so I told her I would join her, actually I had already made up my mind pretty much before I left hoe as I brought my GPS unit with me. Yes I need that to find my way around I am blonde after all.

Now Amy knew where she was going so she left while I programed in the address to m GPS unit so she had a couple minutes head start on me and yet I got to the parking lot before she did and that included driving past it as it came up faster than I thought. Anyway we parked next to each other and went in.

Amy has been coming here for a while now and knows the bartender and several of the regulars so we sat at the bar for a while and she introduced me to them. We sat and talked and waited till 7 to see if any others would show up but none did so it would be just Amy and I for dinner. We went and got a table and ordered and talked some more. Amy actually went out to lunch with her future daughter in-law last week for the first time and she really liked Amy but then what is not to like. Her son still hasn’t met Amy yet but I am sure that will change soon, how awesome is this. Any way Amy told me all about it and all the fun she is having where she moved. I am happy she is doing so well but we all still miss her down here though so it is great she gets to town every other week.

We had a great time and a wonderful dinner but as before it went by way to fast and soon it was 9 pm and I still had a 30 minute drive home. It was sad to see the evening come to an end as we were really having a fun time. I will defiantly have to try to get out again with her and Jeannie. This is a Amy & Susan 4-29-2014picture of Amy and me from earlier. What a fun night, thanks to both Amy and Jeannie for including me in their night out.


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