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End of the week fun with friends.

Well it has been a long and busy week and I was so looking forward to Friday night even though I wasn’t sure till 5 pm Susan was going to get out this week either. I missed last Friday night as my male side had a family emergency and that has kept me busy all week but things are getting back to normal for him and so Susan gets to go out tonight. I got home right at 5 and immediately started getting Susan ready as I wanted time to enjoy the whole transformation process and it was worth it. I was ready to leave at 6:45. I wore my long straight blonde wig tonight which I don’t wear that often anymore which is a shame as I think it looks good on me but it is getting old and wearing out and they don’t make that style anymore. Now I didn’t get any pictures last night but this is an old one of me wearing this wig.

I got there at 7 pm right on time. Cristine was already there but no Chris or Cassandra which is unusual as they are always the first there. Well turns out Chris had to make a sudden trip and Cassandra was running late. Any way Cristine and I ordered dinner and talked for a while. It was almost 8 when Cassandra finally arrived which is really late as she usually gets here between 4 and 5 and Jan and Lynn also made it about the same time which is actually early for them. It was great to see them and have a chance to talk with them.

We had a small group tonight, just the 5 of us but we had a good time. A man came over and introduced himself to us, he had just moved to Portland and lived in the area and thought we were great, he was a little confused as he kept referring to us as Drag Queens, I don’t think he understood the whole transgender issue but he was nice and polite though. He sat with us a good portion of the night and at one point got into a spirited debate with Cristine and Jan on politics which is a topic we as a group try to avoid as in any big group we have members that go from the far left to the far right, yes even in a transgender group we have some very conservative members. Well what is interesting is Cristine is to the liberal and Jan is to the conservative and they both disagreed with what he was saying, Jan, Cassandra and I were not really paying attention as we were more interested in fun. Well I finally got an idea and put my hand in front of them and asked how they liked my nails and the color of the polish and you know what the whole conversation switched to nails and the red color I was wearing. I never new long pretty nails had so much power.

Danielle and Kelly also showed up, we met these two back when our group was going to the P-Club and they started coming to Sweethome when we did. They are both awesome by the way. Well I got a chance to talk with them while we were watching the Portland Trailblazer game which they lost in overtime. Any way they have both quit smoking which is awesome, it has only been 3 days but it is something they both want to do for themselves so I am sure they will be successful. Cassandra talked with them both for a while as she quit 5 years ago so she knows firsthand what it is like and what they will go through. Quitting smoking is the hardest thing I think someone can do but it is so worth it for your health.

After the basketball game they got the Karaoke going and of course Lynn got up and sang and di great. The guy that was sitting with us also got up and sang and he drug Jan, Lyn n and myself up to be his backup singers, we did the song Love shack. I stayed to the back and let him and Lynn have the microphone.

Cristine was the first of our small group to leave the rest of us stayed and enjoyed a wonderful evening. Friday nights out with friends is such a great way to start a weekend off and I am truly blessed with so many awesome friends.

It was getting a little slow now as it was after 11:30 and Cassandra got out her computer, since she wasn’t here early to get on chat she did it now. I sat and kind of watched and of course a couple time got o her web cam. It was a fun night and it was almost 1 am when Cassandra and I left. Sad to see the night come to an end.

I am really looking forward to our next Harvey’s Comedy club night as I bought a new dress last weekend for this and do you know how hard it is not to wear a new dress. I so wanted to wear it tonight but I held out. I will be sure and get pictures of me in it though.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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