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Saturday spent as Susan

Well Family things came up at the last minute Friday night so I was unable to go out with my friends to Sweet Home which was so sad as I really look forward to these nights out plus I had talked Peggy into coming out Friday night and then I didn’t make it, felt bad about that.

Well since I couldn’t go out Friday night I got up Saturday morning and as I had nothing planned I thought why not spend the day as Susan and go out. I left home about 1:30 and drove to Clackamas Town center. I was looking for a new dress or 2 as what I bought before Diva Las Vegas was casual tops which were really cute but I do need some new dresses as I really don’t have that many.

I started at Kohl’s as I like there selection but there dress selection was small. I guess dresses aren’t as popular these days. I found a really cute wallet as I need a new one and it was on sale too but I didn’t buy it and now I am regretting that decision. Now I was actually at the Promenade which is a strip mall across the street from the main mall. So all the stores you enter from the outside. My next stop was old Navy as they have been advertising dresses on TV for Easter but as it was raining I got in my car and drove down the mall to get there as Susan didn’t want to walk in the rain. Now I am not sure I have ever been in an Old Navy store before so it was a new experience. They had a lot of dresses but none that I thought were that cute, mostly summer dresses you know the ones without shoulder straps, the ones that won’t stay up without something up top and the kind you can’t wear bras with so they would just not work for me.

Well I had texted Stefia to see if she was out today and it turns out she was so we are going to meet for a late lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ. Not someplace Susan would normally go but my male self would love but I am sure I can get something I can eat with a fork and not make too much of a mess. So I left Clackamas and started back for Cascadia station by the airport. Well I found a Ross Dress for Less on my way so I stopped as I had over an hour till I met Stefia. They had a pretty good selection of dresses and I actually found one I liked in a bright Salmon color and it was on sale so I bought it. While standing in line the lady in front of me told me what a great color it was and would look great on me. We chatted for a couple minutes before it was my turn at the register. The lady who checked me out also told me what a great color it was and that she had bought a skirt in the same color as she loved it.

It was about 1 buy now so I went to Cascadia Station and found where Dave’s was and it is almost right next to the Starbucks I have gone to here and as I had time I went there and got a warm drink while I killed some time before meeting Stefia for lunch.

I met Stefia and also Barb for lunch at Dave’s Famous BBQ a little after 2, it was great to see them both and talk with them. I have never been here before so and looking at the menu my male self would love this place but as Susan I settled on a Chicken Caesar Salad which by the way was really good and I could eat it lady like which is always important for Susan. We had a great time and before we knew it, it was almost 4 we had been here almost 2 hours which did not seem possible. Stefia had our waitress take our picture so I have one to post today. What a cute group of ladies.

Our waitress commented on how much she liked my nails, she had long acrylic nails in a bright orange color that in a bottle I would never have thought of but on her hands they looked good.

Well we left at 4 and went our separate ways, I went across the parking lot to Ross Dress for Less to look at the dresses here. Didn’t find any I liked in my size, well one I did but it had lace sleeves and although the dress fit the sleeves were way tight and just wouldn’t work, the one drawback of being a t-girl I guess. Well I left here and decided to stop at Target for a little more shopping. This was not really a planned stop but was necessitated by 2 large cokes at lunch.

I left here at 5 and just wasn’t ready to go home so as the Starbucks I have been going to for years was on my way home I stopped here for a while to update my blog. It has been a great day out and in some part makes up for not being able to go out last night just not the part about seeing my friends but I will see them next Friday and spend time with them and Peggy is planning on going to Harvey’s in a couple weeks so I will see her then.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter.

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