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Friday night out with my friends as I mark my 600 blog post

This is kind of a milestone in my blog as this is my 600th blog post. Now I started my blog back on the old Yahoo360 which is where I met a lot of t-girls and realized I was not alone and then when Yahoo closed it I moved my blog to WordPress. Now in the early days of Susan I didn’t always blog but this means that Susan has gone out at least 600 times and what fun I have had. This blog was my way of remembering what I did as Susan and when and I never really thought others would even find my blog let alone read it but I actually have 488 followers of my blog who get e-mail copies and I average about 125 people a day who come to my page. I have also met some wonderful people this way. Now my blog actually goes back to 2006 but it was really in 2008 when I started going out in public with the help of Alice and then met Cassandra and here wife Peggy, Teresa, Maya and Cristine and then started going out every Friday night that I grew as Susan, I owe a lot to these people for helping me become the person I am and so many others I have come to know and are now awesome friends or more like family.

This is my first chance to get out since I got home from my wonderful trip. It is hard to believe how fast those 12 days went and it was a week ago we were having our closing dinner in Las Vegas. Tonight I am going to meet my friends again at Sweet Home which it has been 3 weeks since I was there last so really looking forward to it. I was ready and on my way now being spring and the weather is nice today and it stays late longer there will be more chances of neighbors being out when I leave. Now the husband and wife across the street know about Susan as well as the one next door but I do not know if their children know or any other neighbors. I don’t think they told anyone but you can never tell. The neighbors to house up they were working in their yard and they didn’t seem to be paying attention other than what they were doing so I just left and drove by them.

I got to Sweet Home right at 7 and Cassandras and Cristine were already there, Cassandra actually got here at 4 and had been on her computer. Now we figured it would be a slow night as the weather really was nice and it stays light now till after 8 and t-girls tend to be more of an after dark group. I ordered dinner and then the 3 of us talked which is always nice, it is funny that as Susan I really enjoy sitting around and talking but as my male self not so much. It was about 8:30 when Petra showed up so the 4 of us talked about our trip to Las Vegas and how much fun we had. We also talked about going golfing this year again at the same course we went to last year several time. We want to do a couple small tournaments 12 to 16 plus play a few more time and even do the glow ball (golfing after dark) again so we picked a couple dates and Cassandra e-mailed her contact at the course to see about setting them up.

Next to show up was Dan and Bianca who we have not seen for a while now so it was great to see them again. I got to talk with Bianca for a while which was nice, they also went golfing with us last year so we got them talked into going again this year so we are already up to 5 of us. Well the Karaoke group showed up about 9 or so and now it was getting a little busy.

Rose and Diane also showed up they are our late night girls as they get off work late and have a bit of a drive so they don’t get out that much so it is always great to see them so we had a total of 8 of us there but as they get there late Petra, Dan and Bianca leave early so we still were always a small enough group that you could talk with everyone which is nice. I got a chance to talk with Diane for a while which is nice as we as t-girls still tend to be guarded with our lives and not as open and so every time we talk we tend to learn a little more about each other. It is funny in a way that some of my closest friends I actually know the least about. I think that is why I like talking so much as Susan.

Well the Karaoke started and tonight none of our groups singers were there so we just listened to the others sing. Now the other group that comes to the bar is awesome and treats us all wonderful and I am actually Facebook friends with some of them. Now as with all groups there are those you talk to more than others and I don’t know why. Any way Devon from there group came over to our table and we must have talked with him for 20 to 30 minutes. This was so nice as we always said hi to him and he was always nice to us but I have never really had a conversation with him. We had a great time and got to know him a lot better. Turns out that Today, Saturday as it is after midnight is his birthday so we all wished him a Happy Birthday. I really like to get to know others as Susan, yes Susan is more outgoing and open then my male self as my male side tends to hide things which makes him less open but such is the life of a crossdresser as we tend to live two lives kind of like a secret agent.

Well it got to be late maybe 12:45 and Cassandra left as she is still getting up early to run. I stayed a little while longer as I wanted to talk with rose and Diane more as I really don’t see them as much plus even though I was tired I wasn’t ready to bring Susan’s night to an end. It was just a really awesome night as always. It was about 1:20 am when I was done and called it a night. Rose and Diane were still there having fun so I said my goodbyes, paid my bill and walked out got into to my car. Now it is interesting as I was driving home I thought back over the night and I don’t remember one time I thought about me being a man dressed as a woman or a crossdresser, I was just me out having a fun night out with friends. It was just as normal, and no different than if I had been my male self out with friends, well I probably had more fun as Susan. What I mean to say is Susan is just as much and just as normal part of who I am as my male self, both sides make me a complete happy person.

What a fun night and I look forward to many more outings as Susan and more blogs to come. Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend.


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