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Trying a different makeup look

Well I have been playing around with my makeup. I have been using the MAC Studio Fix makeup because it gives me the coverage I need but it does cost $28 a bottle. Now that isn’t that bad as I only use it maybe twice a week on average so it does last me 8 months or so. I have noticed though when out in the day light the coverage isn’t perfect, I know nothing is perfect but after a while it gets blotchy for a lack a of better word, well more uneven in coloring. Anyway yesterday when I went out shopping I used Revlon color stay concealer all over my face and then put on the makeup and that seemed to look better and held up the whole day. Anyway I was wondering how it would look with drugstore makeup you know the kind that is less than $10 a bottle. Anyway I have some Revlon color stay foundation that I use on my neck so today I decided to try it and see how it looks.

Well I did a full makeup and it seems to look pretty good although the shade of foundation I had for my neck might be just a shade to light but I think it might work. I need to get a little darker shade and then try it for a longer period. Well anyway I had my makeup all done and looking good but really needed to see it with the wig and outfit so I got all dressed up and was happy with the look. Well now that I was all dressed up I didn’t want to just sit at home and as it was 5 pm, dinner time I decided to drive down to Wendy’s and get something to eat, I am also trying a new lipstick, Maybelline 14 HR lipstick and it really seems to stay on well even without lip liner. I have worn it several times but I am thinking a head to my trip to Diva Las Vegas so I wanted to eat something without a fork like a hamburger to test it.

I got to Wendy’s and instead of just going through the drive through I parked and went inside to eat. It is always fun to see if you get any kind of reaction from the workers at these places as they are mostly young high school kids, well they were great, treated me well and as far as I could tell didn’t seem to be the least bit surprised or bothered by me there. Well I got done eating and figured since I was already out why not stop at a store and look around, well there is a JC Pennies not far so that was my next stop.

I got to Pennies and there parking lot was somewhat busy so I had to park out a bit and walk in, well it turns out it is a little cold out tonight and I didn’t think to take a coat as my original plan was to just go to the drive through and go back home. Well once inside it was warm so I wondered around and looked at clothes, they had some really cute dresses that I liked and I probably would have bought even though they were not on sale but they just didn’t have in my size I really need to lose weight. Well it is actually my shoulders that make me get the next size up and there is nothing I can do about that, but they were really cute. I also looked at the intimate apparel section. Way easier shopping this section as Susan then my male self.

Well I left here and the walk back to my car was cold so as luck would have it I wasn’t far from the Starbuck’s I normally go to and I still had my computer in my car from yesterday, maybe deep down inside someplace I knew I would go out tonight again.

I got to Starbuck’s and it was kind of slow there only 2 people at the far back table. I got my nice warm drink and sat down to relax and play on my computer, well I am on my second drink and chatting with friends online. What a relaxing way to spend an evening, so much better than just sitting at home and now it is a little busy here maybe 10 other people. I even chatted with the girl working here while she was making my second drink.

Well I one last thing, I have gotten in the habit on Friday nights when I get home I walk across the street and get my mail as I never take time before I go out. Now normally it is between 1am and 2 am when I get home so very little chance of any of my neighbors seeing me. Well last night I got home about 9:30 and without even thinking about it I got out of the car in my garage and just walked across the street and got my mail. It wasn’t till I saw the car coming down the street that I thought about. There was nothing I could do so I walked back across the street and was just getting to my garage when they went by my house. Now I know they could not tell but have to wonder if they were trying to figure out who the woman going into my garage was. I think tonight when I get home I will go get my mail again.

Well that is it for now. Thanks for reading and I hope you are all having a great weekend.


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  1. I also swear by MAC Studio Fix. Foundation is the one area where I am afraid to go cheap. I know some other people swear by Ben Nye (which is more theatrical) and I sometimes that on my neck. However, I think the prep work underneath is even more important – moisturizing etc. Perhaps my favorite product is MAC Prep+Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer – a tinted warm-colored cream that you put just before the foundation – it smooths out the skin and cancels out most of the blue tones. Then If my shadow is still really bad there is always the red lipstick/stubble trick. I use MAC HoneyLove for that, but I should probably find a cheaper drug store alternative for that.

    Comment by valsapphire | March 3, 2014 | Reply

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