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Out on a Thursday night

Well I had the chance to go out tonight as Susan and I took it. I actually needed to do some shopping and it actually wasn’t for Susan but I figured why not go shopping as Susan anyway, after all years back I did all my shopping for Susan in my male mode. Don’t get me wrong I have gone shopping a lot as Susan but tonight was one of those nights that had nothing to do with Susan other than that was who I was. I guess that brings me full circle.

I was going to Lloyd Center as I had some gifts to get for family birthdays and Anniversaries. Now none of my family knows about Susan or my crossdressing so I have to wonder what they would think if they knew I bought their gifts as Susan. It is kind of funny to think about it. I got to Lloyd Center and parked by Nordstrom’s, even though this was not a shopping trip about Susan you know I have to stop by the cosmetic counter here but that would be after I took care of the things I had to do. So I went right out into the mall and found a Hallmark card store and went in and got the 3 cards I needed. It was so much more fun looking at the cards this way. It took me about 15 minutes to find the cards I liked.

After this I went out into the mall and walked down to the food court as I was hungry, I got ready and left early so I didn’t have time to eat first plus I wanted to grab something here at the mall. I walked around and checked out all the places to eat before picking the one I wanted, I can’t remember the name but I got rice, vegetables and Teriyaki chicken, yes something I could eat with a fork. I am so worried about my lipstick.

After I was done eating I went back out into the mall to get the gifts I needed. It was fun just walking through the mall and you know for the most part I really didn’t think about the fact I was Susan, it was not even a thought as to how I was dressed, female or male didn’t matter it was just me out shopping.

Well I had 2 of the gifts bought and the last one is a gift card I need at another store not at the mall and as I had time I decided to look for some stuff for Susan. I went to Clair’s to look at jewelry, I want to find a nice necklace for my trip to Diva Las Vegas. Which is only 4 weeks away that is right 4 weeks from tonight I will get my nails done, acrylic nails for the trip and then I will be Susan for 12 days straight. I am so looking forward to this trip. Anyway I did not find a necklace I liked so I moved on and went back to Nordstrom’s.

Now at Nordstrom’s I went right to the cosmetic counter as I love looking at all the makeup. Actually I went to the MAC counter. Now I would live to buy all my makeup here as it is really good makeup but I find the drug store makeup is pretty much just as good and a lot cheaper with the exception of my foundation. I just haven’t found a drug store brand that covers well after all I just don’t need to even out my skin tone I need to cover up the dark from my beard which is a problem woman don’t have so I do spend the extra money for foundation. I like the MAC Studio Fix but I have noticed the shade I wear which looks good at night or when inside still looks a little washed out in the sunlight. Anyway I talked with the lady at the counter about maybe going a shade darker next time to see how it looks. She put it on the back of her hand and showed me the difference between the one I use and the next darker shade and to tell you the truth I couldn’t see a difference well I guess on the edges there was maybe a difference. Now tonight I put on a concealer and that seemed to work well as it covered better and made the makeup just a little darker. I am going to try this tomorrow as I have the day off and plan to spend the day as Susan and do some shopping for her for Diva Las Vegas. Well I spent maybe 15 minutes here talking makeup with the girl at the counter before I left. I wonder if the concealer with a drugstore foundation would work just as good. Maybe I will try that also. So many possibilities for a girl to think about.

Well from here I drove back to the Starbucks’s I normally go to well for some reason not as much anymore. I was looking at my blog and I have not been here since December 12, wow 2 ½ months, I use to come here every week, just been busy I guess. Well one of the girls working tonight was here before when I was here. They weren’t really busy just a hand full of people, all men. I guess tonight is not ladies night as I am the only female here at least that is not getting something to go. For some reason tonight I had all kinds of trouble connecting to their Wi-Fi, it either wouldn’t fully connect or would drop me. It was almost 8:30 before I got a good connection. Did chat with a friend named Carla for a bit and caught up on my e-mail finally but didn’t get to do some of the work I needed to do but it was still a fun night.

They will close at 9 which is not far off and then before I go home I need to stop by Target and get a gift card on my way home. I also need gas so I will stop and do that also. It has been a fun night even though it has only been a few hours. Tomorrow I will spend the day as Susan and do some girl shopping. I have tomorrow off as I have to work Saturday so I will not be out late Friday night but will go out at least long enough to eat with my friends and see them for a little while. Again I have missed the last 3 weeks at Sweethome and the first week we had so much snow and I didn’t want to risk driving in it plus I really don’t have any Susan shoes that are good for snow, we just don’t get enough here and then the last two weeks I had family things going on so I have really missed my Friday nights out ut that will be fixed tomorrow.

Any way thanks for reading and have a great night.

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