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Saturday Shopping trip, needed some Susan time

Well it has been a while since Susan has been out, I have actually missed the last two Friday nights which is sad but what is a girl to do. Well I will tell you what go shopping and that is what I am doing today, an all day Saturday shopping trip. My goal was to be up and on my way before 10 well that didn’t work as it took me a little longer getting ready today after not being Susan for that long. I was on my way by 10:45 though.

My first stop was ULTA which is a store that sells makeup and they have opened one not far from where I live. It is actually a little closer then I like to go out but I still went. I have been looking for some eye shadow in the brown colors and have been having trouble finding a nice pallet which either means they are really popular or they don’t sell. Well I found nice one with a good mix of browns by NYX so I thought I would give it a try as I have never bought their brand before. I also picked up a couple new lipsticks in a more neutral color for my trip to Diva Las Vegas most of my lipsticks are a bit much for daytime wear.

My next stop was Wigland to look at wigs. I actually want to get a new one for Diva Las Vegas plus it is fun to go in and look at wigs and try on different looks. Well it turns out they were out of the wig I have been wearing but should have more in a couple weeks, at least it wasn’t discontinued like my last 3 wigs I liked. They did have one similar but a little shorter on sale so I bought it.

My next stop was Burlington Coat Factory out by Washington Square. I really like this store and I really need a pair of cute ladies tennis shows for Diva Las Vegas. I got inside and kind of browsed the woman’s clothes on my way back to the shoe section. I found this really cute pair of tennis shoes white with pink on them and they were in my size so I tried them on and they fit and were on sale so I decided to get them. As I walked further down the rack I saw a really cute pair of leather boots with 3′ heels and they were a half size bigger then I normally wear but then again depending on the shoe I can fit a range of sizes depending on the toe, width so I decided to try them on and they fit and they were also on sale so I took both up to the cashier ad bought both.

Now there is a Best Buy next door to Burlington so I put my bag in my car and decided to walk over to Best Buy and look around, I really didn’t need anything but just wanted to do a little shopping. I spent about 30 minutes looking at computers and other stuff. Several employees came over and asked if they could help me and they either addressed me as Miss or just asked if they could help. It was a lot of fun.

Now I had completed what I wanted to do today and it was only a little after 1, I had my tennis shoes, makeup and wig but I didn’t want to go home so I drove towards Tigard looking for a Starbucks to relax at for a bit and catch up on e-mails. Funny normally you see a Starbucks every place but I actually had to drive a ways to find one and it was in Tigard. Now their parking lot is behind the store and it was full so I had to park way out back and walk in so I was not sure how busy they would be. To my surprise there was only 2 woman n there talking at a table and one man in line so I got in line and ordered my drink and that is where I am now.

I have been here about 45 minutes and more people have come in maybe 10 so it is busier now. I have updated my blog for now and now I just need to figure out what I want to do for the rest of the day as I am not ready to go home, probably more shopping. I did put my new boots on though and I love them already.

Thanks for reading and I will post again what I do the rest of the day.

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