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A snowy weekend at home

Well it has been an interesting weekend, we have had a really big snow storm here in Portland, and it started on Thursday and is still snowing now. By Friday I had about 9 inches on the ground and for here that is a lot. As such I was not able to go out Friday with my friends, actually I think they all stayed home too. My biggest worry was driving in weather like this as Susan, I didn’t think it was worth the risk plus I really don’t have winter clothes well really shoes. Now I have missed Friday nights before but it was strange to just be at home on a Friday night.

We were also supposed to go to Harvey’s today but with the weather I didn’t want to risk it as we I got another 4 inches of snow overnight so now I have well over a foot, usually we get a dusting and it is gone in a few hours, this is probably the most snow we have had at one time in many years and it is interfering with Susan’s fun. Well I canceled going to Harvey’s tonight which turned out to be a good choice as we later found out Harvey’s closed for the weekend as did Fox & Hound where we usually go first.

Now I really needed some Susan time this weekend so I did something I haven’t done in a long time I dressed and just stayed home. Now normally when I am Susan I want to go out and have fun but the snow stopped that so what should I do today. Well I decided to do a video for YouTube. Now I have never done a video before so I was a little nervous and not sure what to do. Not I am not much of an actress and I can’t sing or dance so I just did a video of me explaining my thoughts on crossdressing. It is kind of silly but I still went ahead and up loaded it here is the link to it. I actually did 4 videos and still thinking about posting the others but I may just keep them for myself.

It was a relaxing day at home and I did have fun but still wish I could have been out someplace. It is still snowing and I am getting cabin fever so much that I did drive down and get takeout at Wendy’s which was probably a bad idea as I was worried I might get stuck which would be bad as I went as Susan. Here is what it looked like when I left. The roads were bad and all I could think about was getting stuck going up into my drive. Well I got back okay and into my garage so everything was good. I spent the rest of the night watching TV and playing on my computer.

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  1. Hiya Susan,

    Sounds like (and I can see) you have definitely had a snow storm out there. I know the Eastern side of USA has also had it bad weather and the effect of the jet stream changes over here in the UK have supposedly led to a lot of rainfall with worst flooding for 20+ years in a lot of the South West of England especially in southern coastal resorts and low lying parts they are really suffering. Still you at least made the most of your time at home.

    Sorry to hear you had to stay in and missing your Friday night out, but I’ve really enjoyed watching your 1st video. First off it was a shock to hear your voice. Partially because I have never heard you before and of course partially your accent, Then again also because you are presenting as feminine and clearly you have altered your voice.

    Now I would say that was a pretty good attempt at a femme voice. I don’t think you have ever mentioned voice training before, or how you speak on your nights out or your holidays away. Myself I have been out in Britain quite a lot over 10 years. Even organised charity dinners in public places for 50, 60, 70 folks. I remember at one where a ‘girl’, (I hate gurl, but would have been happy to say tgirl, lol!), said on meeting us that she was amazed that most of us used our normal voices. Here in the UK that seemed to be the norm, though maybe I am talking about the tgirls that don’t get out as regularly as you. Fair to say that when I have been to bars on my own or meeting friends I have tried to quieten my voice but never really tried to speak in a higher octave. You did it pretty good. Much practice no doubt. Anyway, perhaps another possible topic for your blog if you feel like addressing that one.

    Back to your video. I thought it was great so many thanks for sharing. I guess it is on youtube so I shall have to go there to comment directly on it and see others reaction but I thought you were wonderful. As I have said in the past I feel a lot like you. I am a crossdresser also using the term transvestite even tg that likes dressing in clothes of the opposite gender. I am not sure I would go quite so far as to say I would voluntarily put on make-up every day if given the opportunity but maybe I don’t get out as much as you. Anyway, I have always liked your way of putting things in written form, so that was a great chance to see what you are like in the flesh.

    So many thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing the other 3 you made shortly.

    #Hugs and keep up the good work. Stay safe and warm TinaCortina xx

    Comment by TinaCortina | February 9, 2014 | Reply

    • HI Tina,
      Thanks for the wonderful comment. I actually have never had voice training or coaching but have watched a few videos and read a few post on it. We are the same over here when we go out in our groups we all pretty much talk in our normal voices maybe just a little softer (less loud). We normally don’t worry about it.
      This being a video that anyone can see my biggest fear is my voice as I think that is how most people would recognize me first. You know that saying you hear a voice in the crowd that you recognize so for the video I did try my best female voice. It is not great but it does work and I can do it fairly easy but I have to be concentration on my voice and that can make it hard to carry on a conversation. I also find that when I am out and I try to use this voice usually someplace in the middle my voice slips back to my normal voice. Just way too much work when I am out having fun.
      The two tricks I use is first just to speak a little softer not as loud. Men tend to speak in louder voices and this I do all the time when I am Susan. The second trick is to speak from the top of my throat. Men tend to get that deeper sound from lower in their throat. It is hard to explain but if you put your fingers on your throat from the bottom to top 2 below your Adams apple and 2 above and speak and feel the vibrations you will see that your speech starts at the bottom and goes up. For my Susan voice I try to start my speech just above the Adams apple. A good word for me to practice on is the word “well” this word seems to give me the best range test. But again for me it takes a lot of concentration to do that voice and even just for the short video was hard.
      Maybe I will do a video on that someday.
      Thanks again.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | February 9, 2014 | Reply

      • Hi Susan,

        Thanks again for your thoughts on voice. I agree it is difficult for a man to do it even if they train themselves over many years, there is always a tendency when nervous, angry, emotional or inebriated lol to fall back to where you were. Strangely when quietening my voice to ask for a large glass of dry white wine, as you do, lol, in a bar, as a man i say ‘a large glass of dry white wine,please’ when dressed i find it better to speak slightly shorter phrases eg ‘ a glass of white wine please,” “Large” or “large dry”. I am not saying this phrasing is more feminine, just that I seem to get a better response from bar staff when presenting as female if I do this. When I am am presenting as female I don’t want to be questioned, drawn attention to so it helps to be clear. I find , they are less likely to say “what?” or because they are shocked or have misheard, ask embarrassing questions if I just speak quietly but clearly. So although, I don’t try to change tone, I just try to be a little quieter. I am assuming our TS sisters find it a little easier if they take hormones. Is this actually true, do you know? I mean do hormones help transition the voice at all? So I definitely agree about soft. And I think it helps if you are thinking female, female, female as you can do in certain situations over a decent length of time. But done badly, this is worse than the worst movie. I mean there is nothing that draws more attention than a male going two levels higher as it can sound so artificial.

        So my main question. Is that your Susan voice every Wednesday if out at Starbucks, or every Friday when out for drinks chat pool and karaoke. And more to the point I am assuming this is why you (and I) don’t sing at Karaoke!! Maybe your next video on Youtube, lol.

        Only kidding, big hugs

        TinaCortina xx

        Comment by TinaCortina | February 9, 2014

      • hi Susan,

        Oh and just reading that again, the chances of you being recognised by your voice as opposed to your looks, bearing in mind the chance of anyone you know hearing your video (Ok, I know it is just about to go 30m viral!) is non existent. Or if viral you will get so rich, you don’t have to worry whether anyone would worry what you wear.

        Interesting questions. if you didn’t have to worry about money or finance, how much might that affect your willingness to be (even) more public? How would your family/ male friends view you if you were mega rich but liked to cross dress as much as you wanted.

        Just thoughts!

        Hugs TinaCortina xx

        Comment by TinaCortina | February 9, 2014

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