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A snowy weekend at home

Well it has been an interesting weekend, we have had a really big snow storm here in Portland, and it started on Thursday and is still snowing now. By Friday I had about 9 inches on the ground and for here that is a lot. As such I was not able to go out Friday with my friends, actually I think they all stayed home too. My biggest worry was driving in weather like this as Susan, I didn’t think it was worth the risk plus I really don’t have winter clothes well really shoes. Now I have missed Friday nights before but it was strange to just be at home on a Friday night.

We were also supposed to go to Harvey’s today but with the weather I didn’t want to risk it as we I got another 4 inches of snow overnight so now I have well over a foot, usually we get a dusting and it is gone in a few hours, this is probably the most snow we have had at one time in many years and it is interfering with Susan’s fun. Well I canceled going to Harvey’s tonight which turned out to be a good choice as we later found out Harvey’s closed for the weekend as did Fox & Hound where we usually go first.

Now I really needed some Susan time this weekend so I did something I haven’t done in a long time I dressed and just stayed home. Now normally when I am Susan I want to go out and have fun but the snow stopped that so what should I do today. Well I decided to do a video for YouTube. Now I have never done a video before so I was a little nervous and not sure what to do. Not I am not much of an actress and I can’t sing or dance so I just did a video of me explaining my thoughts on crossdressing. It is kind of silly but I still went ahead and up loaded it here is the link to it. I actually did 4 videos and still thinking about posting the others but I may just keep them for myself.

It was a relaxing day at home and I did have fun but still wish I could have been out someplace. It is still snowing and I am getting cabin fever so much that I did drive down and get takeout at Wendy’s which was probably a bad idea as I was worried I might get stuck which would be bad as I went as Susan. Here is what it looked like when I left. The roads were bad and all I could think about was getting stuck going up into my drive. Well I got back okay and into my garage so everything was good. I spent the rest of the night watching TV and playing on my computer.

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