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Saturday night birthday party for a friend

Well it turns out January is a great month for a Birthday. AS you know from my blog I celebrated my Birthday on Friday but I also have several friends with January Birthdays. Dan, Cristine, Chris My beautiful girlfriend Kim and Kimberly. Anyway Kimberly’s birthday is next weekend so she will be out of town so she had a small Birthday celebration last night at the Tiki Lounge at the Alibi on Interstate in Portland and she invited me. Now I have known Kimberly for many years we met back when they still had and Yahoo360 so it would be the late 90’s probably but we only met in person in the last year. I was really looking forward to this, I wore my floral print dress as it was a Hawaiian theme.

Now I have been by this place many times but I have never been inside so I will admit I was a little nervous, going into a lounge by yourself that you have never been to before would be a little intimidating for any single woman. I got there about 6:30 and their main parking lot was full and so was the close street parking so I had to park in their second parking lot about a half block up. I parked and walked up the street to the front door and went in not sure where they would be and realizing the only person I would know for sure was Kimberly. I looked around and saw Kimberly in the front corner area with a few other people so I went over and joined them. Now this place was really busy so there were lots of people around but no one really paid any attention to us. There were about 10 or 12 girls there and Kim introduced me to them all including her wife.

I got a chance to talk with Kim for a bit and get to know her better which is always easier in smaller groups. Well of course it wouldn’t be a Birthday without cake so I had a small piece yes I have eaten enough cake in the last two days to last me a long time. I talked with a couple of the other ladies there and yes at one point we talked about nails. Kim’s wife came and joined in the conversation which was nice. I got to hear about how they met and their weddings, yes they had two one traditional and one where Kim wore a wedding dress. Turns out a few of the ladies here were Kim’s wife friends and they had also been bride’s maids at their wedding. How fun that must have been plus they get two anniversaries to celebrate. It was a really enjoyable evening and our waiter was awesome.

It was a really fun evening and I got to meet some new people. I stayed till almost 10 pm before I left. What a fun night and I hope Kim has a wonderful Birthday next weekend, yes I am 1 week older then her. So here is wishing all my friends with birthday’s this month, Happy Birthday and many more.

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  1. Happy birthday Susan. The Alibi? That brings back memories, I went there once over 14 years ago, when Teresa was just an infant, and haven’t been there since. I went to meet some people I had never met before except on line, in a place I had never been. It was Karaoke night, more redneck than Hawaiian theme that night, and they never showed up. I just a bit nervous to say the least. I had a couple of drinks while I waited hoping I was in the right place and then left. It was really a bit exhilarating that I was actually OUT THERE. It was my first real step on the journey, so although I’ve never been back it is a special place in my life. I will have go there again and sit in the same booth. Thank you for reminding me.

    Comment by Dana Teresa Vandehey | January 27, 2014 | Reply

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