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End of the week fun with friends

Wow it is the middle of January already and as it is Friday night it is time for a girl’s night out with my friends, what better way to start he weekend. I think it is so important to have things you look forward to and the support of awesome friends as that is what keeps you going when things get hard and Susan is blessed with so many wonderful friend both online here that I have yet to meet and those I have met.

Well first thing first a couple updates for me. I am all registered for Diva Las Vegas and I have my hotel room all booked at The Quad where my friends are also staying. Right now from our group besides me we have Cassandra, Cristine, Melissa, Julie, Petra and Veronica going for sure and in the maybe column and I hope will go are Kelli, Mikaela, Laura, Michelle, and Brenda, how much fun would it be if we all were in Las Vegas the week of March 30 to April 4 for Diva Las Vegas. It is so much fun you really should check it out and think about joining us.

Well if you have read my blog you know our group was kicked out of a club in June of 2012 and we filed a complaint with the state and won and we are now waiting for the owner Chris Penner to appeal it. Well it turns out this was not his first run in with the state and in his other case the Oregon state Supreme court ruled on Thursday against him yes this case went all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court and it was all over $7,000 in back wages.

Well back to tonight and the fun Susan will have. I have been so looking forward to tonight and could not wait so I started getting ready at 5 to give myself time to enjoy the transformation to Susan, I find this whole process relaxing and fun. Well tonight I took about an hour and 40 minutes to get ready and enjoyed every minute. I was looking good and ready to leave and again I opened the garage door on the way out to my car and soon I was off to meet my friends. I got to Sweethome and the parking lot was full and so were the close street parking so I had to park about a block up, it has been a while since I had to park this far away and of course it was a cold night but at least dry.

Inside Cassandra, Chris, Laura and Silver were already there and the bar was pretty busy, I guess a lot of people came down to watch the Blazer Basketball game which they won which of course made everyone happy. There was a guy at the bar with his girlfriend who comes in occasionally and as I went by he told me how pretty I looked tonight and his girlfriend agreed which really makes a girls night so I stopped and talked to them for a few minutes. This is what makes being out with all types of people so special. Paul the owner came over to see if I wanted anything so I ordered dinner, this really is an awesome friendly place to go.

More girls started to show up. Bobby and Julie and Julie brought me a little gift which was so sweet of her, thanks Julie. It was great Julie could make it, turns out Trixie her girlfriend was out of town with her girlfriends so Julie went out with hers, by the way Trixie is awesome and knows all about Julie and is very supportive of her. It is amazing when I first started going out in 2008 I only know one person who had a supportive wife/girlfriend now I know so many, Julie & Trixie, Cassandra & Peggy, Jan & Lynn, Michelle & Christy, Mandy & Kathy, Mikaela & her girlfriend, Melissa & her girlfriend, Roxy & Chris, and of course the most important Me & Kim and I am sure there are more my poor blonde head can’t remember. Cristine and Diane also showed up. It was great to see Diane again as she usually didn’t get out much but lately she has been and that is awesome. Roxy, Bianca and Dan also made it out tonight.

Carolyn also was able to join us which was awesome. I usually only see her at parties so it was great to get a chance to talk with her. I got a chance to talk with her for a while at the bar and get to know her better. It is funny as I have known her for several years but tonight we had the chance to talk one on one which I really enjoy. I hope she can come out more with the group.

We also met another new girl who we have seen here a couple time, her name was Tyra. She came out two years ago and has been living full time since. I got a chance to talk with her and she seems really nice but little shy which I can understand. We talked for a while and had fun. She was interested in our group so I gave her a card with my e-mail address on it and told her to e-mail me and I would invite her to join our group. Our group has really grown as we have almost 300 members now.

Kelsey and her boyfriend Chuck also came in, our group met them not long after we started coming here and they are awesome and always happy to see us and always have a hug for us. They really are good friends we have met here. This bar really does have that family feeling to it.

Blue and her Sister Red also showed up. Now I am not sure if these are their real name but that is what people there call them and they answer to so it is good enough for me and yes their hair matches names. It is funny as they showed me a picture of their mom and she has Purple hair but they told me she that is not her name. Anyway Blue put in a song to sing “Drift away” and wanted me to sing with her so I said I would. I will sing with other people but just can’t seem to do it by myself. It was a really fun night, it was almost 1 am when the last of us left, Cassandra, Julie, Laura and me. Now it was cold outside and I did have a wrap but I was wearing a short black dress and my open toed heels and trust me that does not keep you warm so the walk to my car was a little chilly and then of course I had frost on the windows so it was a cool ride home at least about half way till the car warned up enough to get some heat. It can be tough being a girl sometime but that is the price we pay for looking cute.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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