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Dinner with friends on Wednesday night

Well I had the chance to go out to dinner on Wednesday night. Amy had sent me a message she was in town and would be out. I got ready and was on my way by 6:30 to meet them at Fox & Hound. It has been a while since I have been here so I was looking forward to it. I got there and had to park about a block away and it was really raining so I got out my umbrella yes I bought a pink umbrella a few months back and this was my first chance to use it. Now I was smart enough to wear my 3″ heel boots instead of my open toe heels which was good as the rain was blowing and yes my legs got wet so I was glad when I got to the door.

Now Cassandra, Chris, Cristine, Amy, Cloe and her boyfriend Michael were there. It was so great to see them all and spend some time with them. Amy also wore her boots with heels which was awesome but then with the weather it was the sensible choice. Well we talked for a bit at the bar and then they put some tables together and we sat down for dinner. I sat next to Amy so we could talk a little.

Julie and Victoria also showed up, Julie was a little surprised to see me as like I said I don’t usually go downtown during the week. Anyway Julie sat on the other side of me so I got a chance to talk with her also which was nice. I am not sure how we got on the subject of TV commercials but we did and somehow the MasterCard commercials got brought up so I was telling them about my favorite one, well I don’t think it was one made by MasterCard more likely a parody someone did for YouTube as I don’t think it would be put on TV. Well to my surprise they had never seen it so I had to find it on my phone for them to watch. I will put the ling but it is a little R rated so remember that if you choose to watch “Master Card Commercial“.

Now I did order a Salad as that is one of my New Year’s resolution, I really only made two of them and I am going to post them here in hopes that this year I can keep them, first is to eat better reason for the salad, the second is to try to exercise more. My goal is 3 to 4 times a week. I really need to lose some weight and also get healthier as like everyone I am getting older and that becomes well maybe not more important but you are more aware of it as we age, at least I do. The salad was actually really good.

We had a nice time and great conversation and it was just a really fun night. Now some of the group was going over to CC’s Slaughters for pool and the rest were going to watch Marla perform at another club, so a little before 9 we all left which was good for me as I really needed to go home as I get up really early during the week the reason I don’t normally go out with the girls during the week as it is way too easy to lose track of time.

It was a fun night and I got to see my wonderful friends. I forgot to get a picture with Amy so I guess I will have to go out again when she comes back to town. Now when I left it wasn’t raining which was nice although the forecast for the next few days is heavy rain including 3 to 5 inches between Friday night and Saturday night so Friday night out should be fun. That is right Susan does not like the rain as it might mess up my hair or makeup and of course my pore pretty toes get cold and wet, but even with that it won’t stop Susan from going out.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. It’s funny you should talk about losing weight. You should try The Crossacting Diet, it comes highly recommended: 12.5 out of 15 clinical trials show absolute mostly sorta conclusive results that you will lose weight with it.

    Comment by Alexis Alexandra | January 10, 2014 | Reply

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