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Starting the New Year off right with a Friday night out with friends

Well it has been a busy Holiday Season for both Susan and my male self, No I love the Holidays but in a way it is always nice when they are over and you can relax some. It is such a bust time of year especially when you are two persons living two lives. So I was really looking forward to tonight and a fun time with friends. I started getting ready at 5:15 so I would have time to enjoy my transformation, it is funny as soon as I start getting Susan ready I have this calm relaxing feeling. It is weird as the shower I take as my male self every morning is no different, I do the same things but somehow when it is Susan getting ready it relaxes me.

No doing my makeup I have really been working on the Smokey eye look and I think I am getting pretty good at it, I think it is just a wonderful look that looks good on everyone, plus you can tone it down for daytime or make it more dramatic for night time. Well it was so much fun and relaxing getting ready that it was almost 7 when I was ready to leave home. Now as I said di have become a lot more relaxed as Susan over the past few years. I use to carefully look outside to make sure it was clear, lately I have just been getting in my car and opening the garage door and going. Tonight without even thinking I opened the garage door first and then went out and got in the car while the door was open. Just like I do every time my male self leaves the house.

I got to Sweethome and Cassandra, Chris and Laura were already there and both Cassandra and Chris had their laptops out. Chris watching videos and Cassandra in a chat room. We chatted for a while and had something to eat it was just a really relaxing time. Now more girls showed up and yes we had a really good turnout tonight so I hope I don’t miss anyone. Jan, Lynn, Julie, Tessa, Lorna, Cristine, Bobby, Roxy and Rachael showed up. It was great to see Rachael out, she has actually been getting out more lately, and I think maybe 5 times in the last 3 months. Now Rachael is one of Susan’s oldest friend’s that I am still in contact with, I have known her for at least 10 years. Rachael and Alice who I have known for maybe 15 years were the ones who helped get Susan out of the closet so to speak. For me a night out was a late night drive but these two would e-mail me when they would be out in Portland so I had a place to go where I would know someone and not be alone. It was going out with them that led me to Embers where I met Cassandra and our friendship started and I joined the Rose City T-girl group. I owe so much to these 3 wonderful ladies as had I not met them I may never have come to accept Susan as part of who I am and met all my wonderful friends.

Well I got a good chance to talk with Rachael for a while and find out what is new with her and hopefully she will be able to keep getting out. I still think we need to try to get together for dinner one night. I took dome picture of Rachael as I said she hasn’t been out much so she needs some new pictures and of course I had to get one of me. She took the one above and I thought it turned out well for a close up.

I also got a chance to talk with Julie who is awesome, she gets out mostly on Wednesday nights and we all know I am mostly a Friday night girl so it was great she made it. I think I am going to have to try to make it out at least once a month for dinner on Wednesday nights so I can keep in touch with everyone. Especially as Amy now that she has moved will be out mostly on Wednesday night when she is in town for work.

Later Jamie and Marla showed up which was awesome. They get out but not usually on Friday nights so it was great to see them both. Plus always fun to talk with them. I should have gotten a picture with them but I had another blonde moment. Both of them looked great and it was nice to talk with them. Dan and Bianca also showed up who I haven’t seen since the Halloween party. So many girls showing up tonight who I really only see a couple time a year which just made tonight something special and special was what it was.

A little later Victoria, Guinevere and Jennifer showed up. Now I haven’t seen Guinevere or Jennifer since at Jennifer’s going away party. She was moving to Southern California so it was so awesome to see her again. Well it turns out the reason she moved has changed and hopefully she will be back living here in maybe a year or so and we are all excited about that. Plus she will be traveling up here now on a more regular basis. Well I had to get a picture with Jennifer and Guinevere, (left to right Cassandra, Jennifer, Susan and Guinevere). It was so awesome to spend some time with them and talk, kind of like when you get together with Family you don’t see often and yes all these girls are more like family than friends, you could say Susan is blessed with many Sisters.

Lorraine also was able to make it, we met Lorraine who is a GG back when we went to the P-club before we were excluded from there for being Transgender. She has been so wonderful and supportive of our group and even comes to Sweethome to hang out with us now. It was great to see her and have time to talk with her. It is amazing the wonderful people I have met while out as Susan and each one has had an impact on my life some way and helped shape who I am and I am thankful for each and every one of them. Well Laura, Lorraine and I sat at the bar for a while and talked and I even told a couple jokes that were good and we just had a wonderful time and I can think of no better way to spend an evening.

Well Jan, Lynn, Laura, Lorraine and I were the last of our group to leave and it was about 1 am. What a fun night it was but how fast it went by. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out but with so many out and being blonde if I did please forgive me.

Thanks for reading

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