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The last Friday night of 2013 with my friends

Well the year is coming to an end and it is hard to believe it is almost 2014 and I can think of no better way than to spend some quality Susan time with my friends. So Friday night it was out to Sweethome for a fun night, tomorrow we have our Winter Gala party hosted this year by Julie and Trixie and I am really looking forward to that.

I can’t help but look back over the past year and all the wonderful people I have met as Susan who are now counted as friend or more likely family and also all the great friend I have that make up Susan’s little world. 6 years ago I would have never imagined this was possible. To be able to live part of my life as Susan is such a wonderful thing.

Well I got off work late today, yes didn’t even get home till 5:45 so I knew there was no hope of making it out by 7. Well it was right into the shower to start getting ready and start my transformation to Susan. It is amazing how the moment I start any stress I have goes away and this relaxing feeling comes over me. Well as rushed as I was I still enjoyed the getting ready, somehow the time transforming to Susan is wonderful and relaxing so by the time I was ready to leave I had this calm peaceful feeling and knew it would be a great night. It was 7:10 when I pulled out of my drive way and was off to meet my friends.

I got there and there were already a lot of cars there so it looked like it was busy which is good as a matter of fact there were 4 cars parking on the street while I was and I can’t remember seeing more than maybe one car parking when I got there. Well the car in front of me had Petra and Michelle in it, Michelle is a GG we met at 52 Sports bar while we watch Monday night Football and she loved hanging out with us and now that Monday night Football is over we won’t be there as often so she came to Sweethome to hang out with us, how awesome is that. And yes tonight I remembered pictures well actually Mikaela remembered the pictures and got me thinking so I got out my camera. This is Mikaela on the left, Michelle on the right and me right in the middle. It is nice I am not towering over them in my 4″ heels of course I did have to kind of bend my knees and a little to get down to a more feminine height.

Well inside it was busty and yes we already had two tables for our group as there were Cassandra, Chris, Amy, Kelli, Cristine, Bobby, Laura and Teresa already there. It was great to see Teresa out again as she does not come out as much as she used to. Well we sat and talked for a while and of course I ordered dinner as I was hungry not sure why as I am by no means staving. Yes I really need to lose some weight and that is my New Year’s goal, to eat better and get more exercise. I know maybe if I exercise as Susan I will have the motivation to stick with it as I know my male side has trouble keeping motivated. Well it wasn’t long and Mikaela showed up and of course she wanted picture. I think we all start out that way as it is new and we are so excited and it is a shame as over the years that excitement of just being out goes away and we become more comfortable and it almost becomes a routine part of our lives so it is great when we have girls out that still have that excitement as it gives us that feeling again, and I do love having my picture taken am just getting older and forgetful and have so much fun just being Susan that I don’t think about pictures.

Well it was great to see Mikaela again and talk with her. She has really grown since we met her last spring. She has started going out on a regular basis, has a girlfriend she told about Mikaela and is accepting of her and has actually came out to pretty much everyone where she works which must be wonderful as she doesn’t have to hide so much. She was telling me that when they did the gift exchange at work she actually got makeup from several of her co-workers, how awesome is that. I don’t have that kind of courage to be so open but it would be cool to get Makeup as a gift or any feminine gift, shoe skirt, dress top or Lingerie. It is funny as a man getting clothes as a gift is not something I enjoy but not Susan.

Mikaela will also be at the Holiday party Saturday night with her girlfriend who I think I have met once. We are all looking forward to the party, I am planning on wearing my cute little black cocktail dress. It us very cute and sexy but I don’t wear it that much as I think it is a little over the top to wear to a bar on a Friday night. Plus I know all the other girls will be dressed up and a girl has to not be out done. Also Kim will be there and I want to look good for her again something my male side didn’t worry too much about but somehow Susan wants to be pretty for her.

Well Amy and Kelli were there and it was great to talk with them. Amy moved up to Seattle around Thanksgiving for Family, yes most of her family knows about Amy and are fine with it but she still gets down to Portland every couple weeks although usual in the middle of the week so I will have to make more of an effort to go out on the Wednesday nights she is here but because of the Holiday Party she came down for the weekend and so I had to get a picture with her also. Michelle is on the left, Amy the right and me in the middle and yes I am scrunching down again. I really need to get these other girls to wear heels about 8″ heels. Michelle had on these really cute boots with 4″ heels and I think even without my heels I would have still been a good 4″ taller than her. Saturday night at the party I will get a picture with Amy and hopefully the house we are at will have steps I can put her on next to me.

Well Tessa also came out and brought a friend named Dee, we met her a couple weeks back when her daughter brought her out to meet the group. Jenny her daughter actually met Laura at the Red Dress ball last spring and they hit it off. Her Father had come out to her and the family that she was Trans and since then she has transitioned and is living full time and Jenny has accepted her and goes out with her, Jenny actually showed up about 20minutes after they got here to hand out with the group for a while. Well you guessed it I had to get a picture with her also as she had on a black dress and red lipstick, we could almost be sisters of course I would be the much older one. It was nice to see her wearing red lipstick as I have noticed not many GG’s (genetic girls) like to wear lipstick especially red.

Well it was a great night, Cassandra had her laptop out for a bit chatting on a chat line she belongs to and of course she had her web cam on so we all took turns chatting online which was fun but it was more about being on camera streaming live video. But when it got to crowded she had to put it away.

Tonight I actually sat at the bar with Amy and Mikaela talking for a while. It was nice and a little easier to have a conversation with people as you are not trying to talk across a big table, it is a little more intimate and personal which I liked, well as it got later Karaoke started and as always Chris and Laura sang as well as Jenny and Mikaela. All did great and I even got some pictures of Mikaela singing and sent them to her.

Well Again Cassandra had to leave early which the group not use to as she is always one of the last ones to leave but she is working a lot right now but after tonight she should be back to her normal schedule. Several of the girls from the Karaoke group came over and talked with us and yes some of us went over and talked with them. It is as wonderful as we do have good interaction with them and pretty much all the other customers here. It is just a really friendly bar.

Well it was down to just Chris and I left from our group and it was after 1 am which is really late for Chris to stay out but we were having so much fun. Well we finally paid our bills and left. What a wonderful night. I got home and went to bed and am sleeping in late Saturday so I will be ready for the Holiday party Saturday night. I know what I will wear and am looking forward not only to the party but the time getting ready for it. As I said I gave myself a pedicure on Thursday night and so I had to include a picture as my toes just look so cute. It is such a shame that men can’t have cute pretty toes without people thinking something is wrong with them after all it is just some color on your toe nails.

Well anyway thanks for reading and I apologize if this blog was a little long winded today. Have a wonderful day and I wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year.


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