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Christmas shopping as Susan

Well it was the night before Christmas Eve or in other words December 23 and I had the chance to go out as Susan and as I had some Christmas shopping left to do yes I am a procrastinator. I thought what better way than to go as Susan. Now I have gone shopping before as Susan by myself and even gone to the mall but this is the biggest mall in Oregon and also the busiest and it is only two days before Christmas so you know they will be packed. Now I was also planning on going out afterwards for a bit as several of the girls were going to a bar to watch Monday night football so I had to bridge the gap between casual wear suitable for shopping and something a little nicer for going out. I chose my grey sweater dress and did my makeup a little more natural. Well I was ready to leave home by 4:30 yes I got off work early. Now with rush hour traffic it took me an hour to get there, I went to Clackamas Town Center.

I got there at 5:30 and parked by Nordstrom’s and went in. I had to park a ways out and walk as there were a lot of cars there. Once inside my first thought was that I needed something to eat as I had not ate yet so could get out as Susan earlier so I went out into the mall and started down towards the food court which is right by the movie cinema. I looked around and decided to get something at Panda Express as I needed something I could eat with a fork so I didn’t mess up my lipstick. I had to stand in line with about 10 other people till I could give them my order and then stand in line again to get my food yes they were busy. I got my food and almost every table was taken so I sat at a small table on the edge of the mall which was great for people watching.

After I was done eating I went down to J.C. Penny’s which is at the far end of the mall and walked around checking out the clothes, shoes, interment apparel and dresses, they did not have many dresses though. It was fun just walking around and looking at all the wonderful things. I spent maybe 30 minutes here before heading back out into the mall, so many people were walking around. I walked back to the middle of the mall and went into Macy’s and checked out their dress selection and then browsed there cosmetic counter. Several of the ladies asked me if I needed any help which was nice but I just told them I was looking for now and they said let them know if I needed anything.

From here I went to Sears at the other end of the mall and again checked out the clothes, Dresses, interment apparel and shoes, this was actually one of the reasons I wanted to come here as Susan. When I was here last week shopping as my male self I noticed they had a sale on leather boots with 4″ heels, now I have a pair of boots which I actually wore tonight but they are not leather and not the best quality and I thought that would be a great Christmas present for Susan but Susan would need to try them on. So I found a 10 Medium which was the biggest size they had and sat down to try them on. Now I did get my foot in them and they were only a little tight so I thought they would work but I could not get them to zip up over my ankles. Turns out I not only have big feet but big ankles. I was a little disappointed but then again I was here shopping.

Well I went back into the mall and looked around a bit and came across a gift place selling little glass shapes, now as I said I had some Christmas shopping to finish. I needed some small gifts for several ladies I work with and I thought this would be a nice gift idea so I picked out 4 of them all different but cute and bought them as gifts for my co-workers the whole time thinking to myself what would they say if they knew I had bought their gifts while out dressed as a woman.

Well with my gifts in hand I went back to Nordstrom’s and browsed their cosmetic counter also and the same thing several of the ladies working there asked if they could help me. I was tempted to say yes as I would love to go and get a makeover, I have done that twice before many years ago but I said no and just looked around. Well I left and walked back out to my car and left.

I stopped at Walmart next as I needed a new mascara and some panty hose. Panty hose are the strangest items sometimes you can wear a pair many times before you get a run and others well you look at them wrong and they run. Yes the last 5 times I have gone out I have ruined a pair of panty hose each time. Last Friday a brand new pair and somehow I got a run on the top of my upper leg. I have nit figured out how I did that but needless to say I needed some for Friday and Saturday night. Walmart was also really busy but it was still fun.

It was about 7:45 when I left there and went to meet my friends at 52 street sports bar. I got there at 8 and went in just in time to see about the last 10 minutes of the football game but then for me it as more about being out then the game. Cassandra, Jan, Lynn, Samantha, Cristine, Bobby, Chris, Roxy and Petra were all there and I even met a GG named Michele that was playing pool with the group. It was a lot of fun. I had one drink and watched the end of the game which was probably the best part, two great plays. Then we sat and talked for a bit well till about 9:30 when I had to call it a night as I had to work early the next morning, boy work cuts into my Susan time but it also is what buys Susan cute things so I guess it is a necessary thing.

Well I left and got home just before 10, what a fun night it was.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.

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