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Friday after Thanksgiving

Well it is Friday night and time for Susan to go out and I have been looking forward to this all week as it has been a real busy week with the Thanksgiving Holiday so I thought what better way to start off than with Thanksgiving. I hope each of you if you celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful time. It is a time to get together with family, friends and loved ones and it is a shame it is just once a year, but it is a day to give and show thanks for the things in your life you are truly blessed with. For me it is family and friends and that includes all of you that have either read or follow my blog, have friended me on Facebook, Flickr or where ever you are all part of my life and have helped make Susan the happy person she is today. I am truly blessed but I also know that in our community, the Transgender community that there is not always the support and some have a hard time at this time of year. This is where having the support of a group is so important.

Our group the Rose City T-Girls is really more like a family and I think that is what has made it so wonderful and grow so much. Our group was formed in November of 2007 so it has been around for 6 years now and we have 271 members and most are active in the group. Now this year for the third year in a row Cassandra and Peggy have opened there home on Thanksgiving for any of the members to come over for dinner to make sure everyone has a place to go which is so awesome of them. I am not sure as I was with my family but I think they had about 20 there for dinner this year.

Well as I said it has been a long week with work, family and the holiday so I was really looking forward to tonight so when I got home from work at 3 I sat down and watched a little TV, well the next thing I knew it was dark outside, I had fallen asleep and it was now 5:45 and I was supposed to meet my friends at 7. Now as I was really tired I thought about skipping tonight but couldn’t as I really wanted to spend time with my friends plus we are losing another member, Michelle LV. She got laid off a couple weeks ago and just the same tie got a job offer that she had put in for 3 years ago in California so yes another one of our family is moving away which is so sad. So it was a rush to shower shave and yes as Susan there is more to shaving then for my male self and the makeup and getting dressed. Well I did pretty well as I was ready to leave in just over an hour so I was only a little late.

Some of the girls got there at 4 to watch football, today was the civil war game between the Oregon Duck’s and the Oregon Beavers and if you are from Oregon this is like the Super Bowl, I did manage to get there in time to see the end and it was a great and close game both teams should be proud of how well they played.

Cassandra, Chris, Cristine, Bobby, Stefia Laura, Jan, and Lynn were all there and Samantha and Cloe had just left so I missed them. Well it wasn’t long and Michelle LV and Christy showed up. Turns out Michelle LV has already moved she did that last weekend and this would be her last night out with us unless she is up here on vacation. I know this is a good move for her and something she needs to do but it is always sad to have part of your family move away. So we had to get some pictures, from left to right is Stefia, Susan, Christy, & Michelle LV. I stayed seated so I wouldn’t be the tallest as I had on my high heels tonight. Over the last 6 months we have had 4 of our family move away and 3 of those have been this month. Jennifer to California, Melissa to California, Amy to Washington and now Michelle LV to California but where ever they go they will still be part of our family here. The great thing about computers and the internet is it is easy to keep in touch with loved ones.

Well the night started off a little slower here tonight so till about 10 when Karaoke started. The Karaoke group had a party someplace else so only a hand full of them made it but still a very fun night. It was good to see Stefia out with the group, we had tried to get together for dinner but our schedules have just not matched up so it was nice to talk with her. It was a fun as always. Now I was really tired and figures I would be one of the first to leave but it turns out every one was tired as it must have been a long week for everyone, even Cassandra would leave before me. Of course some of them had been here since before 4.

Well I made it till about 11:45 and that was all I could do. Cristine, Bobby and Laura were still there so I paid my bill and said my good byes. On my way out two guys at the bar complimented me on my wrap and how nice I looked which is always wonderful to hear as what girl does not like hearing she looks nice and my wrap is really cute. I was going to post a picture but I don’t have one probably because I only wear it coming and going and have never thought to get a picture then. I will have to try to get a picture with it on as it really is a cute look.

Any way when I got home a little after midnight I realized I had not got my mail so I walked across the street to get it and it really wasn’t till I was at the mail box that I realized I was still Susan, I had done this without thinking. Now it was late and I doubt if any of my neighbors were still up but it made me think how comfortable I have become as Susan and how much she has become an integrated part of my life. Susan is just as much a part of who I am as my male side and I would be lost without both side of me.

Anyway thanks for reading and remember I am thankful for each of you and how you have touched my life. Here is to the friends I have made and the ones I have yet to make.


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