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Great Friday night with friends

Well another cold long week and I was so looking forward to tonight and some time out with my friends. Now tonight was also a little special, as you who have read my blog know we were kicked out of the P-Club in June of 2012 and we had talked to an attorney, originally Beth Allen who took our case and later when she was appoint a judge turned our Case over to Sue-Del McCulloch both exceptional Attorney’s and just awesome ladies. Well they had contacted BOLI the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries which is the state agency that investigates not only labor rights but also civil liberty and discrimination claims and they not only wanted to but did file a discrimination claim against not only the P-Club but Chris Penner in person. Well last May we had a 3 day hearing and in the end of August the judge ruled in our favor. Well any way at the Hearing we had talked to Brad Avakian the Commissioner of BOLI whose name was on the complaint for us, Jen and Chet who prosecuted the case and our attorney Sue-Dell and they had all said they would come out one night and meet us and have a drink with us to celebrate in a social setting, well tonight was that night, they were all going to show up tonight.

Well I was really looking forward to this and planned on being there by 6:30 but as always Susan took a little more time getting ready, 3 outfit changes and extra time on my makeup so it was right at 7 I showed up. We already had a small group there, Amy, Cassandra, Chris, Victoria and Cristine and it wasn’t long before Roxy, Jan, Lynn and Kelly showed up now with myself that was 10 of us who all testified at the hearing. Missing were Peggy (Cassandra’s wife), Wilma and Jennifer. These were the brave ladies who were all able and willing to take a stand which was probably the hardest decision of our lives but one I am sure we are all glad now we were able to. Now Samantha, Cloe, and Silver also showed up so we had a good turnout. We talked for a bit and I ordered dinner as I wanted to be done eating by the time they showed up.

Well about 6:45 Braun showed up he is Sue-Del assistant and it wasn’t long and Brad Avakian and Jen showed up, Chet was not able to make it, Sue-Del McCulloch was just a little behind them. Unfortunately Beth Allen was also unable to make it tonight either, it would have been great to see her also as she also was so supportive of our group as were all these wonderful people. It was so wonderful to be able to just talk with them and get to know them better in a personal setting and not be about our case. We all tried really hard to not ask questions or talk about the case as that was not what tonight was about although try as we did it still came up occasionally and we had to get back off that topic. It also gave us a chance to learn a little about everyone on a personal note, a little about their family and things they like and I think when you do that you not only grow as a person but it helps bridge the gaps between people. It was a wonderful night but they had worked all day and Jen had a long drive home so they only stayed about an hour and a half but it was still so awesome of them to come out and join us in our ne Friday night hang out Sweet home which by the ay has been awesome to us. The Owner Paul and his staff and really all his customers have been great to us and accepted our being there so I really think the P-Club and Chris Penner is more the exception than the norm of how people treat transgender people here in Portland.

Well before they left we had to get a group picture and wouldn’t you know it my camera was not in my purse, luckily I had my cell phone so I was able to get a picture but just a little darker then I would have liked.

In the Picture from left to right, Cassandra, Brad Avakian, Braun, Chris, Jen, Cristine, Roxy, Sue-Del McCulloch, Jan, Me, Kelly, Lynn, Cloe, Samantha, Amy and in front Victoria and Silver, a little dark so you may have to look close to see everyone. What a wonderful night and a great memory.

Well Brad, Jen and Braun had to leave and of course we all thanked them for all they have done for us and for coming out tonight. Well Sue-Del stayed a little longer with us which was awesome and we were really working on having her stay for Karaoke. By know it was starting to get busy and it wasn’t long and they started to set up for Karaoke. It turns out Sue-Del studied music in school and she also sings with a local Choir so now we all wanted to hear her sing. She also gave us information on the winter concert her Choir is doing in December and invited us all to come so hopefully we can do that as it would be so much fun.

Well Karaoke started and Victoria, Chris, Samantha, Cloe and Kelly all got up one at a time and sang, this may have been our best turnout of our group singing Karaoke so far, turns out we have a lot of talent in our group and yes sue-Del also got up and sang and did awesome. Well as it got later it was time for sue-Del to leave and we all thanked her for coming out and all she did and told her to be sure and Thank Beth Allen also when she sees her. These really are exceptional people and I want to thank them all, Brad Avakian, Jen, Braun, Chet, Sue-Dell McCulloch and Beth Allen, I hope they all know how much of an impact they have had on our live.

Well by 12:30 our group had thinned out and we were down to just Cassandra, Kelly, Samantha, Cloe and me but we were still having fun. Samantha had played so many games of pool as she kept winning, I played on and came close to winning but had fun anyway. Now I did have one guy come up to me and he told me he didn’t know if I would take it as a compliment but that I looked like Taylor Swift. Now not sure what he meant about it being a compliment as being compared or told you look like a woman is really what I am going for and I will always take that as a compliment. Anyway I had to google Taylor Swift to see some pictures of her yes my age is showing her as I have heard this a couple times before. What I noticed is she tends to wear red lipstick a lot and her hair is about the same color and curly like mine so there is a resemblance but she is also half my age and has beautiful flawless skin, how could this be anything but a compliment, now she may not feel the same knowing she looks like me but I am happy.

Well it was after 2 when the last of us left, Samantha and Cloe had taken the MAX line to get here and as it was shut down I offered to give them a ride home as it is really not that far out of my way and I wanted to make sure they got home safe, one of the great things about our group we all care and look out for one another plus it was nice to have someone else in the car for part of the ride. Well I dropped them off and then went home and it was almost 3 am when I got there. I think this is the latest I have been up in a long time bit what an incredible night.

Oh one last thing we did learn that Chris Penner did file the paperwork for an appeal which we all figured and in a way hoped he would do as the ruling we got came from and administrative judge and we would all love to have a ruling from an appeals court as we think that just think that carries more weight plus we really don’t think he has any grounds for an appeal or would win, the worst thing is the amount of the judgment for damages might be reduced but then we were never really interested in the money it was the ruling and judgment that the laws Oregon has about decimation against transgender people is valid and enforceable so we are all looking forward to this next step in the legal process.

Okay one more picture, Thanks for reading and may you all find great friends and awesome support.


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