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Friday night going away party for Mellissa

Well it is Friday again and as always it is time for Susan to go out and have some fun, although this week is a little different. Don’t get me wrong I am really looking forward to tonight but at the same time there is a little sadness as Melissa one of our members is moving to California next week and this will be her last night out with us of course she promises to come back and visit but when you are used to seeing someone every week it is hard. I have made so many wonderful friend here in the group and we are really more than that we are more like a family and I look at her and many of the members more as sisters than just friends and that always makes it hard. This is a picture of Melissa and me.

Melissa joined our little family in May of 2012 and has been out for almost every event we have done and has become a big part of our family here. It is amazing the people who come into our lives and the impact they have on you and even after they have gone there is still a little part that stays with you. Luckily with the internet and Facebook it is easy to stay in touch and keep up with what they are doing.

This s our group’s second member to move away this year as Jennifer moved to California also last spring and in a few more weeks Amy anther member will be moving north to Seattle which at least is closer and she should be back here once a month for her work. All these wonderful ladies and really everyone in the group have touch not only my life but all the members of our family here. This is a picture of Amy and me and of course Chris in the background.

Well anyway back to tonight’s adventures. I was doing my best to get to the club by 7 but as always Susan took longer getting ready then normal guess I just wanted to look extra pretty as I figured we would have a good turnout tonight, actually I always want to look pretty. I was finally satisfied with how I looked after changing my outfits twice something my male self would never do but one of the fun things females and Susa gets to do. There is something fun about finding just the right outfit and look for a night out. Well I left my house at 6:55 and luckily for me it only takes 15 minutes for me to get there. Some of the girls drive an hour or more to get here.

When I got there Cassandra, Melissa, Chris, Amy, Kelli, Sam, Coria, and Sarah were already there and we already had two tables as we expected more. We all ordered dinner as we wanted to eat before it got busy as with so many showing up the table would be full yes one thing we have to think about is every one of us brings a purse that winds up on the table and tonight we had a pile of purses that was a few feet high. Well as you can see I got some pictures tonight to remember the evening by. This is Sarah and me, she joined the group several months back and has been coming out more mostly on Wednesday night. What wonderful friends I have, I am so lucky to have met them all.

Well it wasn’t long and more of our group showed up. Now we will see how good of a memory I have and if I miss your name I apologized but remember I am blonde. Cristne, Bobby, Jan, Lynn, Tanya, Samantha, Barb, Lauren, Roxy, Petra, Victoria, Julie, Trixie, and I am sure I am missing someone else as we had to have more purses than that on our table. Carrying a purse is one of the things that was hard for me to get used to, there is always that fear you will forget it, lose it or of course leave it sit someplace and have someone take it. One of the great things about being a male is all you really need is a wallet, keys and phone and all fit in your pocket but woman can’t do that especially when they are in a dress as most dresses do not have pockets plus no lady wants the look of her dress ruined buy bumps in pockets. Not a cute look so a purse is a necessity,

This is a picture of me and Kelli wow I feel so tall in this picture. I really need to get her to wear some heels. Well we all brought cards and little gifts for Melissa for her going away party and she took time to open them. It was really nice and a fun way to spend some time and to let her know how much she means to us.

Well some of the girls played pool and as Melissa loves to dance as so many of the girls do in the group Paul the owner who loves us moved some of the tables from the center of the room and made room for dancing. Now of course he dancing was down to the Karaoke singing so not the greatest dance music but still some of the girls had a great time and yes at one point Amy did get me out on the dance floor. Now I am no dancer and feel very awkward but I did manage to stand out there and sway my hips some and at least look like I was. It was kind of fun but I still feel so self-conscious like everyone is staring at me which I know makes no sense as I go out all the time as Susan and I know people are looking at me but yet that doesn’t seem to bother me.

Well the Karaoke got going and there were lot of people here not just from our group so it was a fun night. Chris and Lynn got up and sang as always and did a fantastic job. Julie, Trixie and I were talking and well somehow none of us wanted to sing at least alone but we agreed to sing together so Julie went and put our name in Trixie wanted the song “Can I have this dance” by Anne Murray as she knows it and can sing it, well it also turns out I know the song so I felt a little bit better about getting up and singing. We only had to wait about 15 minutes till it was our turn to sing. Thankfully Amy took a picture so there is proof I was p and singing. I don’t think that American Idols have anything to worry about. I look so stiff and not relaxed singing. Thanks to Julie and Trixie for singing with me or did I sing with them, I think that is more likely as Trixie looks so at ease, think she is the star of this group.

It was a really fun night and we had such a great turnout. By 12 people had started to leave as always but we were still having a fun time. It really is amazing how fast this night goes by. Soon it was after 1:30 and we had been there for over 6 ½ hours and it seems like we had just got there.

We talked with some of the people from the Karaoke group as we have become friends with many of them as they have been so excepting of us and welcomed us there. It is funny as most of the time when I am out especially here I really don’t think about the fact I am dressed as a lady. I am just Susan. It really does seem so natural and normal and I guess that is the way it should as Susan is a natural and normal part of who I am.

Well by 1:30 it was just Melissa, Cassandra and me left from our group and as much as we did not want the night to end we knew it had to. We paid our bills and then we said our goodbyes which was hard as we knew we would not see Melissa every Friday night, just whenever she could come up and visit us. I think we all got a little misty eyed which is okay for females to do, one of the benefits ladies have.

Well one more picture of me and Melissa, we should have gotten a group picture with her in the front, another blonde moment on my part. We all love you and will miss you Melissa but we all wish you the best as you move and grow. Hugs

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Susan, again another beautiful blog! You are so right in saying that the group is more like a family than anything else. We all accept each other for who we are and what makes each of us unique and individuals, while all sharing a common bond.
    It is so sad to see Melissa move away, but also we are all so very happy for her new life!! Jayne and I are blessed to have a very special marriage and relationship and wish Melissa all our love and best wishes for a relationship. She has a great start finding someone special who can see Melissa for who she is.
    Best of wishes Melissa and thank you for your blog Susan!
    Jayne and Trisha

    Comment by trisha | November 16, 2013 | Reply

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