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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy Club with Julie Scoggins

Well it is Saturday night and the Rose City T-Girls are going to Harvey’s comedy Club. Now I have not been able to make the last couple times the group has gone so I was really looking forward to tonight. Harvey’s really is an awesome place to go and see great comedians so if you are ever in Portland you should check them out.

Well as always most of us meet at Fox & Hound around 7 as parking is so much better there and it is only a short 7 block walk to Harvey’s. I got downtown Portland at 7 and there was already a big group there, Cassandra, Sarah, Jan, Lynn, Laura and her friend Jen, and Petra and girls kept showing up. We had to put 5 tables together. Sam and 2 of her friends, Michelle, Kimberly, Melissa and Char and I am sure I am missing someone. Now usually we have 8 to 10 that meat at Fox & Hound and the rest meet us at Harvey’s so to have 15 of us there we knew we would have a good night. I think we had 27 sign up which would be one of our biggest groups.

Well we had some drinks and snacks and talked for a while which is always fun. It was nice to get a chance to talk with Melissa and Char. Melissa was at the Halloween party but this is the first time that Char has been out with the group in a long time. Well we hung out here till about 8 and then we walked over to Harvey’s. We wanted to get there a little early as we had such a big group and wanted to make sure we could get some tables in the lounge while we waited for the show.

We got there and Cristine was already there waiting for us. Now there were a lot of people in the lounge waiting and more showing up all the time and as always we get a chance to interact with them which is fun and I think it helps bridge the gap between us and show them we are really no different than them. Now Cassandra was talking to a couple men and they wanted to get some pictures with us well the one was a little more excited about it than his friend, their names were David and Gregory. This is a picture of Gregory with Cassandra and me. David posted this on his Facebook page. I think we made there night.

Well more of our group showed up including Lauren, Sophia, Lorna, Lorraine, Tonya, Amy and her friend, Cassie and a couple of her friends in all I think we had 26 there for the show. Kim our waitress came out and talked with us to find out how many we had so she could get our tables all set up in her area.

Now by 9 there were so many people in the lounge you could hardly move and we still had 30 minutes till they would start seating for the 10 pm show. It gave me a chance to talk with Kimberly as it has been a while since she has been out with the group. It was also great to see Sophia and Lorna and chat with them. We were all having such a fun time. This is a picture that was actually taken after the show of Amy and her friend with me. Yes I still love getting pictures when I can think of them.

Well it was finally time to go in for the show and it was just a wall of people moving through the doorway so we kind of stood back as we had our tables set. As we could some of us would slip in with the crowd and work our way into the show room. We finally got inside and had great tables right in the center not far from the stage.

Now we had been looking forward to tonight as the headliner is Julie Scoggins who is awesome, we saw her once before I think last spring and we had such a great time with her. So while we were waiting for the show to starts she came out and talked with us. Turns out she had heard we would be there again tonight and was really looking forward to it.

Well the show finally started and as always it was awesome, all the comedians were great and Julie was awesome, we were all laughing so hard. It was such a wonderful night. After the show we went out to the lounge and Julie was out there and we spent about 45 minutes talking with her and of course we got some more pictures with her. This is our group with her she is the second one from the right.

It was amazing how fast the night went by but it was so much fun.


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