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Out with my friends what a great way to start the weekend

Well it has been another long week, I had hoped to get out one night during the week to Starbuck’s as it has been so long since I last did that but it just didn’t work out so I was really looking forward to Friday and some Susan time. Now I am and consider myself a crossdresser as I do not plan nor want to live full time as Susan but I also consider myself transgender as my emotional state and outlook is more feminine then masculine and I do feel more comfortable and fit in better in the feminine roll. It really is hard to explain. All I know is Susan is a big part of my life and I would not be complete without her.

Well anyway I was really looking forward to tonight so I started getting ready at 5, yes I so look forward and enjoy the time I take to transform into Susan, and it is so relaxing and peaceful. I was all ready and out the door by 6:40 and looking forward to seeing my friends. I got there and Cassandra, Chris and Laura were there and also a new girl named Sam. She seems really nice and has just moved to the Portland area about 2 months ago. We talked for a while and she told us a little about herself. It was great to get to know her and I am sure she will be out again with the group I hope. Seems she heard about our group from Rachel. Rachel ran into her at another bar and they started talking and told her about our group and our Friday night get together.

Rachel is really an awesome lady that I and our group met several years back at the P-Club, her and her friends shot pool there. Any way when she heard about the P-Club kicking us out her and her friends stopped going there and she knew Paul the owner of this bar and told him what had happened and that we were looking for a new place and he told her to tell us we were more than welcome to come here so really she is the reason we found this place for our Friday nights and it has been just an awesome place to come. Everyone from the owner, staff and customers have been awesome. It is funny the friends you make and the impact they have on your life without you even really knowing about it. I have met and made friends with so many wonderful people who I would never have met had Rachel not invited us here. Any way I just had to get a picture with her, this is Sam, Rachel and me, wow I really need to get all the girls to wear high heels so I don’t look so tall.

Well it was going to be a quiet night here tonight as the Karaoke group was not going to be here. They had another event to go to. It is a shame as I and the group always look forward to seeing them out on Friday nights. Well Roxy, Cristine, Lauren and Barb showed up and also Rachael and her wife, yes another Rachael and luckily they spell their names different. Well this is the third week in a row Rachael has been able to get out which is so awesome and it was nice to get a chance to meet her wife and talk with her, well actually this is the second time I have met her but the last time was at one of the Halloween parties a few years back and we were both in costume. Turns out we don’t live that far from each other so hopefully Rachael and I can get together for dinner or Starbuck’s and talk.

Laura Mims was also here tonight. We met her several months ago and she is really nice and always talks with us when she comes in. She is a really good singer and sings karaoke her but she is also the lead singer in a band here in Portland. One of these nights we are going to have to go see her and her bad perform. Any way they have entered a contest and the voting is being done through Facebook so as it is my blog I am going to give her a plug, if you are on Facebook you can vote for her group simple by going to the voting page and downloading her song which is free and really good by the way here is the link Laura Mims and the Tin Whiskers Just look for the bad with this name, thanks.

Well it was a fun night with some of the girls playing pool, Sam is really a good pool player and of course Chris, Laura and Sam all sang Karaoke and did awesome as always. It was just a fun night all the way around and as always goes by so fast. I even had a drink spilled on me so I have to wash my dress when I get home. There was this man named Brian who was hanging out with us at our table for a while and he accidently knocked over a glass and it spilled in my lap. It is funny as the more he drank the more shall we say attractive we got, by the end of the evening he was really hitting on me something I am still not comfortable with I mean it is flattering and all but men are not something I am the least bit interested in. I told him I had an awesome girlfriend and I was not interested and that seemed to do the trick.

Well soon it was after 1 am and it was time to call it a night, Cassandra, Cristine and I were the last of our group to leave. It was a fun night and now we are all looking forward to Saturday night and going to Harvey’s Comedy club.

Have a great weekend.


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