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Friday night with friends

Well it has been another long week so I was happy it was finally Friday and I could spend some time with my friends, always a great way to start a weekend. Well I started getting ready about 5 as I have said before I really enjoy the whole experience of transforming into Susan. I know that may sound weird and maybe if I was female and had to do the hair and makeup every day for the past well many years maybe just maybe I might feel different about it but as it is something I do once or twice a week it is still really special and fun and something I look forward to. Well after an hour and a half I was ready and looking pretty so off I went to meet my friends.

Cassandra, Amy, Chris, Melissa and Petra were already there as they went early to watch a football game. There was actually a pretty good crowd here already watching football and basketball probably why I had to park on the street tonight. So here we sat, eating dinner, talking and watching not only college football but also basketball just a typical girl’s night out. Well it wasn’t long and more of our group started to show up, Cristine, Bobby, Michelle, Roxy, Alicia, Rachael, Julie, Qeeny and her friend Amy. We were going to have a good night.

It was great to see Rachael out again, this makes twice in one week and as it was a smaller group I got a chance to talk with her and catch up. I met Rachael probably 8 or 10 years ago and we have kept in touch. It was great to spend time with her and luckily she thought about getting some pictures. It is funny as when I first started to go out I could not get enough pictures and yes I have thousands of Susan pictures but as I have become more comfortable going out Susan has become more of a normal everyday part of my life. Now don’t get me wrong I still love getting my picture taken what Girl doesn’t but I seem to not think about it as much. I always have my camera with me in my purse but I just get so caught up in the I guess normal routine of being Susan that most of the time I am not even thinking I am a crossdresser or a guy in a dress, I am just Susan your average female out for a nice evening. And it really is because of my wonderful friends I have made over the years like Rachael, Alice, Cassandra, well everyone in our group has had an impact on me and my life and I love them all for that. Wow looks like I got off track again must be the blonde in me showing. Anyway this is Rachael and me, it was so much fun and I hope she can come out more with the group or maybe we could get together for dinner and talk.

Julie also showed up tonight, she also only gets out very rarely so it was great to see her also. Turns out she has a birthday in a couple days so she came out to celebrate with us. She is so much fun s always great when she can come out, Happy Birthday girl. Well some of the girls played pool, I didn’t get a chance as I was having so much fun just talking with everyone and catching up on what was new.

Well I got a chance to talk with Alicia and of course we had to get a picture after all I had my camera out. I have known Alicia for several years also, it is funny to look back and realize how much a part of my life Susan has become and the friend I have made. Looking back through my blog, one of the benefits of having a blog. I have been going out now on a regular basis at least once a week now for over 5 years. It was in mid-2008 that I really started to embrace Susan and my female side and I am so happy I did as it has made my life so much better and I have made so many awesome friends that I would have never met had it not been for this side of me. It is still funny though as even though I have known some of these friends for years and consider them my best friends I am still learning new things about them as I am sure they are learning new things about me as the transgender community tends to be a very private group and does not open up much about the other parts of our lives. Maybe one day we will not have to hide any parts of our lives from people and we can just live and be who we are. Any way I had a great time talking with Alicia and did learn a few new things about her.

Well it was time for Karaoke and of course Chris and Queeny sang and did a great job, even Julie got up and sang and did great we have some real talent in the group. Karaoke is fun and it really isn’t about how well you can sing even though I am scared to sing by myself. I figure if you have the guts to get up and sing in front of people then you are a winner.

Well I got a chance to talk with Amy, Qeeny’s friend. She came to the Halloween party and that was her first time meeting the group. Seems Qeeny didn’t tell her ahead of time about the group but she had a blast and wanted to come out tonight and hang out with us again. Well you know what that means yes one more picture, this is me with Amy. We talked about the Halloween party and she was trying to figure out who we were at the party.

It was such a fun night and as always goes by so fast. Soon it was down to just Cassandra and me from our group. So we talked for a while but finally about 1:45 we called it a night and went up to pay our bills. Yes I had another blonde moment as my credit card had expired. Yes as it was after midnight and now November my card was no longer good and I had forgot to put my new Susan credit card in my purse. How embracing. Well luckily I did have cash as I think it is always smart to have some cash on you when you are out. Now the cool thing is the man behind me had heard and offered to pay which was really nice of him. He has talked to me and Cassandra before so he knows about us and our group and is fine with us. I thanked him but paid myself with my money but it did make me feel good.

Thanks for reading and have a great week


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  1. Thanks for the comment that I was one of Susan’s early friends.
    Always love your blogs and photos.

    Comment by Alice Green | November 2, 2013 | Reply

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