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Finally some Susan time yea.

Well it seems like forever since I have posted on my blog. In fact it has been exactly 3 weeks since I have even had the chance to be Susan. It is strange how things come up that interfere with your regular routine. It is funny as even as busy as I was I still had that need, desire to be Susan especially when I saw another woman in a cute dress or heels. Now when I do talk of need I will admit I do have a definite need to be Susan as most crossdressers do. They need to be pretty, wear makeup, heels, nails and all the other wonderful things that woman take for granted and there is a need to express myself as female but think that is the line between crosdressers and transsexuals crossdressers need to express our feminine side and transsexuals need to be female. Now I do not want you to think I am saying one is better than the other as we are all different and need different things in our lives and what is right for me is not right for everyone there is no right or wrong we all just need to be who we are and except everyone else for who they are on the inside.

Well as I said going 3 weeks without being Susan had caught up with me and I was so ready for a fun night. I actually started getting ready at 4:30 so I could enjoy the time transforming into Susan as I find this so much fun and relaxing. Now as any girl does I did change my mind several times about the dress I would wear, one of the many joys of being female. Men never really stress over their outfit. Well I was already and out the door, I got there just before 7 and Cassandra, Laura and Michelle were already there watching the Baseball game. That is correct even crossdressers like their sports teams. We all ate dinner and watched the game which was good depending on which team you wanted to win. Jodi was bar tending at least when we got there which was awesome as we don’t get to see her as much and she is such an awesome person and always makes our group feel welcome.

Well it wasn’t long and others started to show up, Cristine, Bobby, Michelle LV, Jan, Lynn Melissa, and I know there are a few more I can’t remember but we had a good turnout. It was also really busy last night as the Karaoke group was having a theme night “Disney” and they had a really good turnout, probably 50 or so and almost all in costumes and a lot of them were really good. It was a really fun night.

Well the night went by fast and as I am getting over a cold I was a little well maybe more than a little tired I only made it till about midnight before I called it a night. It is strange as normally I am one of the last people to leave so leaving when most of our group is still there just didn’t feel right but I guess one night early to get better is worth it in the long run.

Saturday I really need to go shopping as our Halloween party is only a week away and I still have no costume at least not one I have not worn before so that is how I will spend my Saturday. I am really looking forward to the party and it is funny as I look back, Halloween was all about dressing as a girl for a costume. Now Susan has become such a normal part of my life I need a female costume to wear, just being Susan is no longer a costume for me, I guess I have really grown over the last several years and that is all because of you my awesome friends. So here is wishing you all the happiness you deserve and a happy healthy life


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