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Last Friday of September out with friends

Well it is the last Friday night of September and I was looking forward to a fun night out with my friends. What better way to start a weekend. Well the weather here is changing and this weekend hey are calling for lots of rain and wind and so that means I have to get my wrap out of the closet to wear tonight.

Well I started getting ready early as I hoped to be out by 6:30 but things never go the way you want. I have been really experimenting with darker eye shadow trying to get that Smokey eye look and I am getting better at it as dark colors take more effort to blend. Well in my hast to get going I forgot to put face powder on and when I got all down I had fallout on ,y cheeks and under my eyes and you can’t just brush that away so I had to remove my foundation from under my eyes and redo that and my blush. As with all makeup mistakes they can be fixed just takes a little more time so my hopes of getting out early didn’t pan out.

I still got there just a little before 7 and found a parking spot right in front. Cassandra was already inside and for a little bit is was just us, she had her laptop. She was working on our yahoo group, seems Yahoo did a major overhaul, I won’t call it an upgrade as it is o where near as good as it was before, and things don’t work or they are way harder to do things. We are not sure what Yahoo was thinking when they made this change but we are hoping whatever drunk employee did this will sober up and they will go back to the way it was.

Well it wasn’t long and Amy and Kelli showed up, it was great to see them. Amy will be moving to Seattle the end of November which is great for her as she will be closer to her family but sad for us as we will not see her as much but she did promise to come down and see us and hang out with the group. She even took a picture of Kelli and me such a cute picture. If I had been thinking I would have gotten a picture with Amy, will have to make sure I get some pictures with her before she moves.

Well Kim showed up and it was great to see her, I chose my maroon dress tonight because it is one of her favorites and I wanted to look good for her. We had a good time and got a chance to talk, such a perfect night.

Melissa and Cristine were the next to show up also Jerri Lynn was able to join us. She lives out of state but comes through Portland about once or twice a year. She actually contacted me through my blog about coming out with the group. The first time we were going to meet was the Friday after we got kicked out of the P-Club so that got canceled but she has kept in tough when she is in town and this is her second or maybe third time being able to meet up with us on a Friday night, how great is the internet. It was good to see her again and talk.

Diane, Robyn, Monica and another T-girl showed up so we actually had a pretty good turnout tonight considering the weather, t-girls melt in the rain well their makeup does at least. The Karaoke group had another function to go to tonight so most of them were not there but it was still a good crowd. Blue one of their group was there and she hung out with us most of the night. It is so cool the friends we have made with the other people here, we are not just secluded in our own little group or world but we get to interact with everyone here and that is really cool. I actually did get up and sing once tonight but not by myself, Blue sang a song I knew and she talked me into singing with her, of course it wasn’t very crowded tonight.

It was such a fun night and we stayed out way too late. I think it was Cassandra, Robyn and me were the last of our group to leave and it was after 2 am so it was a really late night for this girl but way to much fun. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend

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