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Midweek outing with friends

Well I wasn’t planning on going out during the week but things worked out so Wednesday night I went out. Actually the Powerball was at 400 million so our group was all putting in money and doing a pool, we all put in $10 for a chance at a share of the winnings, yes we were all planning on winning. Cassandra buys the tickets for us and then trusts we will give her our money so I wanted to go out with them and get her my money plus it is always a fun night out. Now we all know we probably won’t win but it is always fun to dream about it and what we would do with the money.

Well I got downtown just before 7 and Kim, Cassandra, Chris, & Sara were already there. Turns out we had over 30 people put money in the pool for the Powerball drawing. Well we all ordered dinner and had a great time. It wasn’t long and a few more showed up, Cristine, Rose and Kitty. It was cool as it has been a while since I have seen Kitty and Rose. Mikaela also showed up as her male self which was. It was cool to meet her and get to know her both ways.

Now as I have to get up early I couldn’t stay late but when I left they still had not said if anyone had won the Powerball we all still had that hope and dream of winning. Well on the way home I stopped at Walgreens as I needed some makeup. It was a fun night but went way to fast. By the way Thursday morning they announced that the winning ticket was sold on the East coast so no we did not win the 400 million so we will just have to try again next time.


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