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Day of golfing for Susan

Well Saturday was a day of golfing for Susan, actually 4 of us were meeting at Wildwood Golf course we had a 2:30 tee time. Now to get ready for this I did make a trip to the driving range last week as my male self to work on my swing as I didn’t do well the last time we played. I was really looking forward to this as they have always treated us great here and we always have such a fun time. Now we were playing 18 in the afternoon and then in the evening there would be 7 of us playing glow ball. This is where you play in the dark with golf balls that light up which I have never done before.

Well I got to the golf course about 1:30 so I would have time to practice on the putting green. Turn out I was the first one there so I had about 30 minutes to practice before Cassandra, Melissa and Veronica showed up. Now it was supposed to be a nice day in the mid 70’s but it sure was a lot warmer than that, now normally that wouldn’t matter but as I had makeup on that is always an issue as makeup and hot weather are not good. I am not sure what I will look like by the time we get done. This is me before we started play while my makeup still looked good.

Now golfing I was still having issues with my golf swing turns out breast really change the way you swing and I think going to the driving range didn’t help, they tend to get in the way on your backswing and follow through, I guess if you had them all the time or grew up with them it would be different as you would get use to them. It was a fun day and again it really wasn’t about how well we played but how cute we looked in the heat, actually it really was more about being out doing everyday things as Susan. We tend to get caught up in feeling we can only go to transgender or LGBT places. Now there is nothing wrong with that as that is how I started going out but over the last few years Susan has grown so much she needs to experience all of the world. I also think being out doing everyday things and interacting with people helps them see we are just the same as everyone else other than how we choose to present ourselves.

Now I didn’t finish first or last but had a great time and had some good shots, I would have done a lot better if it wasn’t for the lost balls, actually 7 lost balls as I said my swing was off. If it wasn’t for the lost balls I would have come close to what I normally shoot.

Well we finished our first round about 6:45 and it was time to go sign in for Glow Ball. Now this is what we are all really looking forward to as none of us had ever played glow ball. The cost was $40 and that included 9 holes of golf, glow sticks so we could be seen and one glow ball. The ball lights up every time you hit it and stays glowing for about 10 minutes so as long as you keep hitting it, it keeps glowing. Now I picked a red color but they also had blue and green. Now after the first round I knew ball would not be enough. They sell extra balls for $6 or you could get cheaper ones that were clear and you put a little glow stick inside them and they were only $1.50 so I bought 1 of the good balls and 2 of the cheaper ones in hopes that would be enough. Now they play a best ball scramble which also makes it easier and a faster play. The teams were Cassandra, Melissa, Veronica and Sara in our first group and Victoria, Peggy and me in the second group.

Now you had to walk the course as they didn’t want the golf carts out in the dark so I also rented a pull cart for $3 well worth it then we all went out to different holes to start the first hole it was still light out so it the balls really didn’t show up but by the second hole it was really dark. The had glow sticks marking the way from the green to the next tee and they had glow sticks on the 150 yard marker and the 100 yard marker and also on the flag on the green other than that it was just dark and black out. Now this is really an experience because you really can’t see anything so all you do is aim at the glow sticks and hope there is no water or sand in the way, the other thing is swinging at the ball is hard as everything is black except the glow ball. This means you really can’t see your club swing till it hits the ball, luckily Peggy brought a small light which we used to shine on the ball which made it easier. Also they recommend you don’t use your woods with the glow balls so I used only my irons. Now the good thing is in the dark I slowed my swing down and it actually went a lot better. Now we have played 3 rounds of 18 and the course has five par 3’s in in all those rounds I have not hit the green once on a par 3. Tonight in glow ball I hit all 3 of the par 3’s on my tee shot, I actually had a really good round. It was so much fun I am looking forward to next year when they do it again oh and by the way I played the 9 holes and didn’t lose a ball and neither did Victoria or Peggy so we all have extra balls for next time. It was so much fun. We finished about 10 pm so I had been on the golf course 8 hours. If you like to golf and get the chance to play glow ball you really should, it is totally different at night.

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  1. I guess you will have to slow down that swing in daylight too. I am glad you had a good time. Wish I could have been there.

    Comment by Julie Taylor | September 16, 2013 | Reply

  2. You are beautiful,and I am glad y’all had a good time. It is lonely being the only transgender girl around here. Charlotte

    Comment by Charlotte Deneice | October 3, 2013 | Reply

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