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Luau BBQ on Saturday

Well Saturday Susan had a chance to go to a BBQ. Being a Luau I wore my black floral print dress which seems to have shrunk a little as it took a little work to get into. Victoria Sinclair, she runs Over the Rainbow Transformations has a monthly social for t-girls. I got there a little after 6 and there were already about 10 t-girls there, Some I knew and some I didn’t, Cindy and Her wife Alice, Rachel and Dee, Cristine & Bobby, and Joan, it is always nice when you know some of the people.

Cindy showed me around Victoria’s shop which was nice. I have known Victoria for probably 5 years and for one reason or another I have not had a chance to make it to one of her events till now. She has converted a house into a shop where she sells everything a t-girl could need from clothes, shoes, wigs and makeup plus she will do makeovers. She has a small nail salon setup including a pedicure chair, Massage and facial station and a makeup station where she will do your makeup and even teach you how to do it yourself. It is pretty impressive what she has done. She even has an area where you can rent a locker for those that need to keep their girl items secret. The back yard is huge and beautiful in case you just want to hang out and enjoy your time. With all this she has bought the house across the street where she now lives and opened a bed & breakfast there so now you can have a place to stay also, it really is an impressive place.

Well by now more people had arrived and there were snacks out to eat. We all sat out in the big backyard at tables and snacked and talked. Petra, Victoria, Kim, Kelly, Jan and Lynn also showed up. Jan was the one in charge of the grill. It was a fun and relaxing evening with friends. I met a few new people including Brandi; she had contacted me on Flickr about Saturday night so she stopped by, always nice to meet a new friend. I also met Lilly and got a chance to talk with her briefly. I also met another t-girl named Cassandra so know I know 3 Cassandra’s.

It was a fun night, big thanks to Victoria & Petra for making such a lovely safe place for t-girls and also to Jan for cooking all the food.

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