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A long and exciting week comes to an end, time to relax with friends.

Wow what an exciting awesome week. I was so ready to spend some times with my friends. For those of you who have followed my blog you have probably already read that the verdict came back on the discrimination complaint about our being kicked out of a club for being transgender and we won, the state agreed that we were discriminated and our rights were violated under the Oregon equal rights law. It has been a long 14 months and although we won it is not over as we are sure and actually looking forward to Chris Penner the bar owner appealing this ruling. This was an administrative Judge ruling which is good but an appeals Judge ruling or even the state Supreme Court ruling would be better. Here is a link to story.

Well as we always go out on Friday nights I had that to look forward to but tonight 3 of us were meeting early as Cassandra had been contacted by a couple of the local TV stations for interviews. Now as I was working I could not make the first one but did the second one. We were meeting at 5 in downtown Portland so I was both excited and scared at the same time as this is an important issue that I really felt we needed to be said but it also would mean being interviewed on the local TV station. It was nice that we got there a little early and had a chance to talk before and calm down.

Finally our wait was over and the TV van pulled up. The reporter and camera guy came in, the Reporters name was Erica Nochlin. She talked to us for a bit off camera and really helped put us at ease telling us to just look and talk with her and not to think about the camera which really helped. They were there for almost an hour and talked to each of us for about 5 minutes on camera for what turns out to be about a minute of time on the TV news, here is the video if you want to check it out. What an awesome night so far and it would only get better as we had the rest of the night with our friends.

Well we were off to join up with the rest of our friends and have a relaxing Friday night out and I am sure some celebrating. What a wonderful way to end the week. Chris and Roxy were already there when Cassandra, Cristine and I arrived. We even had a new girl named Reesa show up. She just moved back to Portland and found out about the group from the news. It was nice to meet her and she seems really nice so we all look forward to getting to know her better. Well more of our group showed up Kim, Jan, Lyn, Michelle, Stacy, Lorraine and Robin. Robin had moved away from Portland maybe a year or two ago but has now moved back so we look forward to seeing her out again more. It was good to talk with her and catch up.

Well you can guess what the number one topic of conversation was tonight. There really was an extra bit of excitement and joy in the air tonight. Rachel & Heather, Danielle & Kelly were also there and they were awesome, such wonderful friends. The group Met Rachel at the P-Club and she was so awesome and is why we know about and come here now as she had talked to the owner about us and he invited us to his bar. It really is like one big family here. We really have met so many wonderful people here and they have made our group feel at home.

Well the group played pool and sang karaoke and just had a wonderful time. At 10 pm Paul the owner shut down Karaoke long enough to watch Cassandra’s interview with KPTV and then he bought our group a shot of something that tasted like Banana cream pie. How great was that. It was back to Karaoke and of course Kim, Chris and Lynn all sang and did great as always. At 11 he did the same thing and turned on KATU for the interview with Cassandra, Cristine and me, this was the first time we had seen the interview and it is a little strange to be watching yourself on TV in a bar full of people but everyone at the bar was supportive of us and told us we did great. Later Rachel, Heather, Danielle, Kelly and Lorraine sang either don’t stop believing or we are the champions or maybe both for our group, how cool was that. What wonderful friends we have.

Later on Jan put in to sing Girls just want to have fun and Jan, Lynn, Cassandra and I all got up and sang, yes I can get up and sing with other people just not by myself but who knows now that I have been on TV for the second time I can work up the courage to sing well we will see. It really was in incredible night. It was almost 2 am and Cassandra and I were the last two from our group when I left, Cassandra was still there playing pool but I am sure she didn’t stay much longer as they would be closing soon. What a wonderful night


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