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Fun Friday night out as Susan

Well it has been another busy week for my male side; I was busy every single night this week which left no side for anything fun or any Susan time. I was looking back over my blog and it has been almost 3 months since I have been able to go to Starbucks for a little quiet time, I think I will have to make an effort to fit that in soon. I think this has been my busiest summer so far, hopefully things should start to slow down soon though I hope. Even tonight I got home late so it was a rush to get ready; it was 6 pm before I climbed into the shower to start my transformation. I usually try to leave my house by 6:45 which I knew I would not make tonight.

Well I did rush on getting ready which does take some of the fun out of it but still enjoyed it. I did try a different way of doing my eye makeup tonight and that always takes a little longer but I think it turned out pretty well it was a Smokey eye look with more dark colors than I normally wear. Well things went well and I was ready to leave by 7 so I guess I am getting better at getting Susan ready, luckily I can make it to Sweet Home in 15 minutes usually so I wouldn’t be that late.

I got to Sweet Home and Chris, Amy, Laura and Cassandra were already there. It wasn’t long and Cristine, Bobby and Petra showed up. Yes we had a smaller turnout tonight but still so much fun. I got to talk with Petra for a bit and I am planning on going to a Luau tomorrow night as Victoria Sinclair hosts a monthly social event and for the first time Susan is available to go. It should be a lot of fun. Victoria has a business doing transformations for transgender and also has a small bed and breakfast and storage area and salon where she will teach people how to do makeup, a really cool business and sounds so fun. I have never used her service but know many who have and they have all been very happy. If you are every in the Portland area and looking for help please check her out at Over the Rainbow Transformations. Not sure what I have to wear to a Luau though.

It was a fun night at Sweet Home and of course we all played pool. I played against Cassandra; I lost but came close to winning and made some really good shots. I think my pool game has improved over the last few years. Even the Karaoke group was a little smaller but still a good crowd for a Friday night. It really is fun to come here and mingle with the other customers and they all seem to treat us so nice.

There was a girl at the next table who reminds us of an actress from our favorite show the Big Bang Theory yes Chris and I both love that show, and so we both had to get a picture with her, turns out her name is Laura. She was really awesome about it. It was funny as she had herd Chris and I talking about her resemblance to Mayim Bialik the actress who plays Amy Farrah Fowler on Big Bang Theory. Turns out she is also the actress who played TV’s Blossom in the 90′ TV show.

Well Karaoke started and as there were not many people there tonight who wanted to sing which meant the rotations went quicker. Now I still have not worked up the courage to sing by myself although I did think about it tonight, I think if I do sing it would have to be on a slow night. I think I would be more willing to sing a duet with someone else as I would not be up there by myself. Go figure I am worried about what people think about how I sing or dance but could care less about the fact I am out as Susan.

Well later on Laura the girl Chris and I got pictures with came over and talked with me and asked if she could get a picture with me as I had got one with her, well you all know how Susan feels about pictures and cameras so I was only too happy to. This was cool as I got to ask her if I could post the picture of us as I always like to get permission first before I post a picture.

It was a fun night as always but soon it got late. Cassandra was tired and she must have been really tired as she left by midnight which is really early for her. In the end it was just Cristine, Bobby and me left. We stayed for a while more till their ride came so I was going to leave the same time but Danielle from the Karaoke group was up next to sing and she is really good and I love the song she was singing so I stayed long enough to hear the song.

I went up to pay my bill and got to talk with Paul the owner for a bit, he has been tending bar on Friday nights since Levi left. He is really nice and always treats our group awesome. Well as we were talking he told me he really appreciated our groups business and our coming in Friday nights. How awesome is that, I mean it is one thing to be treated well but actually be told that he values our business. How cool would it be if every business had this attitude? It was just a fund night out.

Well now I have to think what I will wear to the Luau tomorrow and what I will bring as it is pot luck. It will be fun though and I am looking forward to it. Hopefully I will get lots of new pictures to post.

Also for those who are interested in Diva Las Vegas they have set the dates for 2014, Sunday March 30 2014 through Friday April 4 2014 so mark your calendars. It is such a fun vacation please check out their web page at Diva Las Vegas if you even think you might be interested and be sure and sign up for their announcement list.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


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