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Rose City T-girls go golfing again

Well the group went golfing again today. We went about a month ago to Wildwood golf course
(21881 NW St. Helens Road, Portland Oregon 97231) and had such a fun time and were treated so awesome we decided to go again today. We had 12 of our group agree to go and this time we played a 4 person scramble. What that means is it is best ball in your group so you all tee off sand then whoever gets the best hit you all drop there and hit again and so on. This is a really fun way to play and it makes it more even and even those not really good or who have never played can join in and have fun.

The teams were team 1 Amy, Laura, Jackie & Victoria, Team 2 Melissa, Julie, Veronica and Susan and Team 3 Petra, Dan, Bianca & Cassandra, I had hoped to be there around 10:45 but as Susan always takes longer getting ready it was about 11 when I got there which still left me time to warm up. I ran into Jackie and Amy in the parking lot so we walked up together to the club house to check in. the staff just like last time were awesome and were glad to see us back again, I guess some businesses really do care about their customers.

Well we got a couple buckets of balls and went up to the driving range to warm up which is always good as none of us have really played that much as woman and it is amazing how much long nails and breast effect ones swing. I had some really good hits so I decided to go over to the putting green and practice there for a bit too. By now the rest of the girls had shown up and we were just waiting for our tee time. It wasn’t as hot today but was a little more humid which is a girl’s enemy as sweating with makeup on is never fun. I am sure by the end of the day I won’t be looking as fresh and nice as I do at the start so we are going to get our pictures out early.

Well the first team got off the tee and it was time for and it was time for some pictures. This is my group, Veronica, Julie, Melissa and me, Melissa’s skirt and my Capri’s were almost the same color but I think her skirt was just a little cuter.

Well we all got off the tee with good shots. Now in a scramble you have to use one drive from every player on both the front nine and the back nine that way it is not just the best player doing everything.

Well our team got off to a good start paring the first 3 holes and then two birdie holes. We actually finished the front nine 4 under par and never got anything other than a par or a birdie. We actually made it to the 9th hole and still hadn’t used my drive so we had to use my drive on this hole no matter where I hit it. Well mine wasn’t the best shot of our group but wasn’t bad. we all dropped where I had hit it and I put my second shot on the green about 20 feet from the hole and that turned out to be the best second shot so we used that shot and all putted from there and I went last and sunk the put for a birdie, what a great way to end the front 9.

The drink cart lady came around and she is awesome also and so much fun, we all got pictures with her and as I was wearing flats she will have to get some high heels for the next time as I towered over her but she was so nice to take pictures with us. Her name is Ashley and just like everyone who works here just supper nice.

The back 9 proved more challenging as we shot even par with 1 birdie and 1 bogie. We felt we were doing well but till the end when you compare scores you really don’t know. My game well drives fell apart on hole 14. Of the tee I could not hit the ball if my life had depended on it. I actually lost 5 balls today and all of them on the last 5 holes; thank god we were playing a scramble. The funny thing is off the fairway I could hit my wood perfect but put me on a tee and well it was embracing. I did have some really good chip shots and Melissa hit 3 25 plus foot puts in a row to give us a par or our 1 birdie on the back 9. Actually all of us had good shots that helped us and kept us going so it truly was a team effort.

Well we got back to the club house and it turns out the team I was on won. We shot a 68, 4 under par (thank god for our great front 9). Victoria, Laura, Jackie & Amy finished 2nd with a 71, 1 under par and 3rd place went to Dan, Bianca, Petra & Cassandra, not sure their final score but it was over par. It was a really fun day.

Now the golf course will do a BBQ for groups of 10 or more for a very reasonable price so we did this also. It was really well done and Ashley was there helping the guy who was doing the BBQ, Melissa got her to take a few group pictures and she was telling us about their glow ball golfing where you golf after dark with glow in the dark balls so several of us are going to do that next month as we think that will be a lot of fun. The one bad point is we had 5 KP (closest to the pin) on all the par 3’s, who ever got on the green and closest to the cup won. Well with 12 players and 5 par 3’s that 60 chances to win and in all that only 3 of the group hit the greens and one of them was the same so we only had 2 winners of the KP. I think it was Laura and Petra; Petra also won the longest drive.

The food was great and the staff once again did such a great job, the day was great and the food was awesome and everyone was so nice and friendly. The course was in great condition and such a pretty place to play what a great golf course to go to. I would highly recommend this golf course to everyone.


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  1. Now I am never going to be able to catch up with you at the DLV Invitational! It looks like you had a blast, I will have to start organizing similar trips in SoCal.

    Comment by valsapphire | August 18, 2013 | Reply

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